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Wet 'N' Wild Times Ahead For Las Vegas Again

Where: 7055 S. Fort Apache Road [map], 89148
October 5, 2012 at 7:09 PM | by | ()

Remember back in November of last year when we said a water park just like Wet'N Wild was coming to Las Vegas? Well, scratch that. It will be Wet N' Wild. Except, with an extra apostrophe -- Wet 'N' Wild.

This new water park won't be located on Las Vegas Boulevard right next to the Sahara like the one we remember. Instead, this one will be located about 15 miles away in the southwest part of town. It will have different owners, too. And, two of the investors are Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf.

That's a lot of information to keep straight -- and we haven't even scratched the surface -- so, while it seems easy, we suggest you move that to 'delete first' section of your memory banks. The only thing we all really want to know is when does it open?

Right now, that will be in May 2013. (Although, the previously dubbed Splash Canyon project once expected to open in May of this year.)

The next question you'll want to know is how much? That hasn't been addressed specifically for the retitled project, but if pricing for Splash Canyon is any indication it will cost adults about $30 bucks to get in.

Lastly, just where will we be able to tear it up on 25 water slides and atttractions? For those who know the town, Wet 'N' Wild will be located on Fort Apache near Sunset. For those that aren't, just click play:

Meantime, The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Cowabunga Bay, is in the works for the city of Henderson. It is aiming for the same opening timeline.

(PHOTO/VIDEO: Wet 'N' Wild)

Archived Comments:


The pricing is already up for the season passes, just go to their website.


I don't remember why or care why one apostrophe park closed...Having lunch one day at the Top Of The World in the Stratosphere, and looking down at the demolished water park, it seemed like such a shame...not for the tourists but for the community.

Providing adventures/entertainment for the local community that has nothing to do with gaming is important...very important.

Soon locals can get wet in the afternoon, then hit The Smith Center in the evening.

Funny thing is though...I bet local folks will know about/know where to find the new Wet 'N' Wild while still asking the (hard for me to understand question...)
"what's The Smith Center?"