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Get Your Elvis Fix The Right Way, Nightly

October 5, 2012 at 2:28 PM | by | ()

It's one of those Vegas curiosities. A Strip production featuring celebrity impersonators. They look like the star. They sing like the star. And, in most cases, they have to move like them, too.

And, we'd managed to have never seen one until we were offered the chance to attend a media invite to Legends In Concert at Harrah's.

So, we wondered, are the audience applauding the capability to look-alike and sound alike, or their appreciation of the original artist and their work? We witnessed plenty of folks grooving in their seats. Justin Timberlake started the show. There was Whitney, Michael and, most interestingly, the wild-card addition of Adele. Not Madonna or Britney. A new generation of tourists were being courted.

All performers hit points of spot-on accuracy. All had the moves. Yelps of appreciation for Michael Jackson and his generous servings of moonwalks. And, Elvis was a huge hit. Not taking himself too seriously, Elvis worked the crowd as he crooned,"Burning Love" and "Heartbreak Hotel" with go-go dancers and a gold lamé jacket. "Now or never" was all quiff and Elvis concert footage.

A five-person band and two female backup singers work for all acts. The stage has a center video screen playing abstract mood-inspired videos for each song. To the side of the stage, montaged video clips of the real artist are projected. Either a gutsy move to compare and contrast, or an admittance of the difference.

Around town, you'll see flyers and posters for the show. Ads featuring Madonna, Elton John and Steven Tyler. But, the show rotates the acts so you'll never know who you'll see on stage. With other branches of the show around the country, including Atlantic City and Branson, it makes sense they have a strong stock company. Their website even lists them. Fifteen fake Elvi, but only one Bobby Darrin.

As long as you know what to expect, this could work for you. It's kid friendly and many youngsters were dancing in their seats. It's hit friendly, so you'll know most of the songs. People were clapping along to the hard-working band. And, the chance to shake hands with an Elvis may be one of you bucket-list ambitions. After the show, some of the performers stick around for photos. We detected a happy crew of folks who enjoyed their stage time and interacting with the audience. No sleepwalking through their routines.

As we left, one table at the back of the theater conducted an impromptu poll of who they thought was the best singer. Adele or Elvis. They queried everyone on the way out. They asked one gentleman who he preferred, and he replied "Elvis." It was Grahame Patrick, still in his Vegas-era white jumpsuit, fresh off his stage, walking to the meet and greet. In the right spirit, this is a no-frills night of fun. Expertly produced, but naturally no rival to Cirque. After almost thirty years in the business, Legends has a core audience in mind, and gives them what they want.

Legends in Concert at Harrah's has two show at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. every night, except Saturday. Prices are $49.95 + tax & fees or VIP it for $59.50 + tax & fees.

[Photos: Legends In Concert, VegasChatter]

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LEGENDS was one of the Shows I first saw in Las Vegas along with Sigfried and Roy...I was quite impressed at the time and have kept up with it's ever changing line up of superstars.
I still see it once in a while.

You can...if you really care, call Harrah's after 11am 1.800.392.9002
and get the line up for that night. At least...you could when it was at the IMPERIALQUAD.

The 'pole' you experienced is a new thing to me...good idea, and maybe should apply to everyone on the bill that night. I've seen some impersonators that just didn't cut it.
Others...Aretha Franklin and The Temptations bring down the house (Elvis could just stay in the dressing room after them...)

Speaking of Elvis...if you'd like to see ALL the Legends Elvi...

'click' Legends Performers

There 'was' a rumor that Legends would be moving to the RIO, replaced at Harrah's by The Million Dollar Quartet. Guess that isn't happening...        (?yet?)