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The Range Rumored To Be Headed For Closure

Where: 3475 South Las Vegas Boulevard [map], 89109
October 9, 2012 at 1:03 PM | by | ()

Update: The rumor is legit, y'all. The Range will close on November 11 to make way for Ruth's Chris.

First, Bill's steakhouse. Next, Harrah's?

The Internets are abuzz with heard-from-someone-who-works-there rumors that The Range steakhouse at Harrah's will close next month. Vegas message boards are reporting that The Range will close on or around November 15. And, that it will be replaced with a Ruth's Chris. A move, allegedly, to go after the "young crowd." 'Cause all the cool kids hipsters hang out at Ruth's Chris.

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Archived Comments:

Aunt Ruth

does not cater to a young crowd. they make decent steak though.

Say It Isn't So!

Obviously, Ruth's Chris is nothing to sneeze at. But, The Range was a great place. Loved to sneak up there for a drink and get away from the noise of The Strip while listening to live jazz. Never had a remotely bad meal there.

I don't see Ruth's Chris changing the demographic of the customer. 25 year olds with no direction in life (except to pretend to be ahead of the crowd) and no gambling budget will be next door bowling their life away. If they come to The Strip at all.

First Nero's and now The Range

Love the Range.  Have been going there and Nero's for years.  Now they are both going to be gone! Been to Ruth's Chris but don't like it.


One of the best meals I've had in Vegas was here... but it was a Saturday night and very un-busy.... so I guess this has to be expected! :-/