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Why We'll Be Camping Out At Caesars Palace

October 9, 2012 at 3:19 PM | by | ()

De Niro then. Galifianakis (sorta) now. Both bald classics.

Hold all calls and send all messages to Caesars Palace for the rest of the year. That's where we'll be camping out for our Hangover III cameo. Robin Leach reports that cast and crew, including the return of Heather Graham (mom!), will arrive this month for three weeks of filming.

Technically, our official invite to appear hasn't arrived yet. It's probably held up pending our SAG card approval, but with a face like ours how can they say no? Worst case scenario, we know where to hang out waiting to be discovered: the lobby, valet, bank of payphones, the ice machine (what you didn't think we saw Hangover II?), the Hangover slot machine...whoa. Mind blown. Imagine Alan camped out at a Hangover slot. In. The Hangover.

Leach also reports that filming of Last Vegas begins soon at Caesars, too. Last Vegas, you may recall, stars Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas and is being unofficially billed as The Hangover for senior citizens. Hangover, Part 34.

We expect De Niro to do a photo shoot for Nobu while he's here. But, hope Zack Galifianakis and Douglas are spotted dressing up as Caesar and Cleopatra. Or, streaking through Bacchanal Buffet. Swimming in the Seahorse Lounge aquarium?

If you spot any of the cast or crew or stumble onto any film locations before we do, be sure to let us know where and when!

[Photos: Galifianakis AceShowbiz; De Niro: The Guardian]

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