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When Your Royal Flush Comes With A Royal Flash

November 1, 2012 at 4:54 PM | by | ()

Gambling in Las Vegas isn't confined to your favorite casino. You can play video poker  just about anywhere. It's kind of surreal the first time you walk into a gas station and see a line of people playing video poker.

At first, it seems cool, but then you wonder if these people just cashed their check at the gas station (because you can do that, too) and went straight to the video poker machine. At that point, a feeling of sadness creeps in as you see them jump for joy when they get a royal flush. At least that's how it was for this writer.

We're not too proud to admit that we enjoy the occasional trip to a strip club. Recently, we found it interesting that there are only two strip clubs in tourist areas of Las Vegas that offer video poker and naked ladies.

If you're downtown, you can head over to the famous Glitter Gulch to grab a free drink while you play video poker. They just ask that you don't ogle the talent on the stage. If you're on The Strip, you can head a few blocks south of the Stratosphere to Olympic Gardens for video poker and to compliment the men and women of OG.

[Photo: Shaun Newman on Flickr]

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Free admission?

I've brought this up several times in the past now but still haven't heard a definitive answer.  I've heard that there is a law about there having to be public access to any location where gaming is offered.  As such, you can go to the pools (for free) at just about any property if you tell them you are going into play Blackjack (assuming  they have gambling there of course).  I've done this many times and even got into Encore Beach Club.

The Playboy Club at Palms was an exception for some reason as they would not let you in free even if you were there to gamble (when it existed) but it seems like this rule/law applied in every other case I can think of so I wonder if it would be true of the clubs you mention with video poker available.


I've heard the same, but have never been able to confirm the law anywhere.

You can get free entry into most strip clubs just by calling. They'll even pick you up in a limo and give a lift to the club. Getting home is up to you though. :)

Missed One

A little topless club , Play it Again Sam, has VP also.

It is over in the Palms area of Vegas and was the only Strip Club I ever went to and walked out with more money than I walked in with.

To me that was just strange.