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What Goes Up At The D Doesn't Always Come Down

Where: 301 E Fremont St. [map], 89101
November 1, 2012 at 5:54 PM | by | ()

The good news is that the new D downtown looks fabulous. There's a lot to like from the new vibe inside to the fancy crisp displays out. Heck, even the name has grown on us. But, you can't always get there from here.

We told you a couple months ago about the escalator that was going up to... umm.... go up to Vue Bar. The finished escalator was unveiled shortly before the grand opening, but gone is the Vue Bar that we knew. The balcony with a view is still there (phew!) with easier access from Fremont, but the seating is gone and so is the sign. The area is now marked with triple sevens and Vintage Vegas neon.

One other detail that's worth mentioning about the new escalator is that it only goes up. So go on up and enjoy the view. Watch zipliners. But, if you forgot to grab a hot dog at the new American Coney Island before going up, you'll have to jump head inside, maybe stop for Sigma Derby and walk on back down through the casino toward Fremont.

Come back tomorrow to find out just how those dogs are, by the way. We now know, from experience.

Archived Comments:

Vue Bar Seating

I asked Derek about the removal of the seating (as it was a fave spot of mine) and he wasn't too enthused about bringing it back but said they might reconsider it.

I say we get a move afoot to get it put back like it was!