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Stranded In Vegas By Sandy? How To Stretch That Budget

November 1, 2012 at 7:23 PM | by | ()

Sandy is gone but the deadly super storm's impact will linger for what's expected to be years. Here in Las Vegas, vacationing tourists have found themselves stranded due to backlogged flights with many not expected to depart until this weekend.

Some visitors have been lucky enough to pick up a comp room for a few days while others have landed a discounted rate, but all are finding themselves with a few extra days of miscellaneous spending they weren't expecting:

I (along with a bunch of friends) are stuck here til Sat afternoon due to hurricane flight cancellation (got here Fri, was supposed to leave Mon). Stayed at Mirage but switching to Riviera to save some $. Mirage said we can keep our room keys and return to the pool here, so that's nice. Any advice for stretching a $ while keepin it (sorta) classy?"

For as pricey as Vegas can be, it is possible to 'keep it classy' for less.

Head to Monte Carlo to check out one of the best new free attractions on The Strip courtesy the Blue Man Group. Head to neonmuseum.org to see if you can be one of the first to see the newly completed Neon Boneyard for just $15.

While you're downtown, pop into Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza for one of the best slices in the city for under $4 bucks. And, if you like kicks, wander down Fremont Street to check out the Shoezeum at Neonopolis, the world's largest collection of sneakers. (Seriously, they were certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.) Admission is $10.

Head to downtown Vegas in the evening for a bit of affordable culture at The Smith Center. There's seven different events taking place this weekend alone, from an old-world European circus to a ballet performance celebrating the Mexican folklore. Several of the events are priced around $25 a ticket.

On The Strip, Excalibur and Luxor offer two shows for $75. At Excalibur, you can choose between Tournament of Kings, Thunder From Down Under, and The Australian Bee Gees while Luxor offers up Fantasy, Carrot Top, Menopause The Musical and Criss Angel Believe. (Skip that one, trust us.) And, you don't have to choose shows at one hotel or the other, you can hop from one to the other, too. There's a spate of new, fairly reasonable (and wacky) entertainment options, too, found here and here.

On the dining front, Vegas.com has a round-up of cheap eats on (and off) The Strip that begin at less than $5 and top off around $20.

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Some ideas

Many movie theaters in town, several with discounts for seniors and players club members.  $1 bowling and cheap eat/drinks at Drink and Drag if receive  their texting offers (text "DRAG" to 313131), lots of afternoon shows that can be attended for free or $10 upgrades, and 2 for 1 buffets at Main Street Station and Fremont with the Fremont Street coupon sheet obtainable at their offices near the zip line ticketing location.

Credit Card

To those who were stuck (unfortunately im sure) in Vegas for a few extra days...ensure to contact your credit card as most have some form of travel delay insurance so you might be able to get your meals and hotel covered! Leaving you a few extra $$$$ to spend on some fun!