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Show Openings: Two Souls, A Grand Arrival, And One Sore Butt

November 13, 2012 at 1:49 PM | by | ()

You put your right boob in...

Coco took one step closer to filling out the Bo Peep baby blues Monday after completing her first day of rehearsal. On her Facebook page, she announced that she danced in ballroom heels for six hours and needs to put some pads in them shoes because man, do (her) feet hurt!! She also fills us in that her signature butt is sore from moving her whole body all day with just ten minute breaks.

The aching we feel we can understand but, after watching her butt dance in its own time zone standing still, we expected that Coco booty to be born to shake. Coco observers have noted that she's lost weight, but we aren't sure if that might result in more Bo or less Peep. Regardless, we've been rattling our brain trying to recall the sheep herders of Peepshows past dancing in high heels. Walk, walk, pillow, pillow, strip, strip, shake, shake. Nope, dancing isn't what we recall.

In addition to learning the moves, Coco isn't sitting back and waiting for Bo Peep to come to her. Probably because she can't. No, while those butt pains dissipate she went and got her tits glitter bombed in blue to get in the spirit. She must be shy about showing them off before the show since she only posted a pic of her nails. What's that? Tips? Oops. We have to stop reading so fast when it comes to Coco and Peepshow. It's just that we get so dizzy.

Coco debuts in Peepshow December 3, giving her three weeks of practice. She's currently signed through March 10 so don't dawdle if you want to gawkle.

An astrologer somewhere must've defined Monday as still the one optimal day to start prepping for the big debut. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw also began rehearsals for their Soul2Soul tour that debuts at the Venetian December 7. And, yes, we always did have trouble keeping our Faith's and Shania's straight. So, while Coco feels like a woman and Hill-McGraw (hey, we never noticed that!) discuss that kiss, Shania is making plans, too.

Shania's Still the One opens at Caesars Palace December 1, but she's planning to make a splash bigger than a wolfpack with a cop car when she arrives this Wednesday. Details are slimmer than Shania at 45(!), but the palace of Caesars promises to be transformed as never before for her appearance. Start gathering after 1 p.m. tomorrow for a peek. Maybe she'll appear hand in hand with Coco wearing matching Bo Peep costumes. They both have the same employer so we can always dream, right?

[Photos: Coco; Venetian; AEG]

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