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The Downtown Grand Wanted To Show Us, And You, The Future

Where: 206 North 3rd [map], 89101
November 13, 2012 at 5:59 PM | by | ()

Still wondering about Downtown Grand? The nice folks at Fifth Street Gaming sent us an exclusive, super-wide rendering to help everyone visualize the enormous project of completely remodeling the former Lady Luck.

We previously told you of the "old timey" look they had proposed and that design narrative has now come into sharper focus.

When you enter the casino you see on the right, you'll encounter a former fifties neon factory brought back to life as a 21st century casino and resort. Hence the retro accents and pretend warehouse feel. Hearing that plot line helps things make more sense.

As you can see, VegasChatter favorites Mob Bar, Triple George Grill and Hogs & Heifers are still important parts of the big picture. We've taken this rendering and added our recent photos to gauge the construction progress. It should look something like the above in September 2013.

In this image, you'll notice the future corner home of Pizza Rock. It'll be hard to miss. It's a Vegas version of a Sacramento restaurant genuinely noted for its quality pizza and the spontaneous antics of its pizza tossers. They breakdance. Maybe that thing on the roof is Optimus Prime. We're not sure. But, nothing indicates quality pizza better than a burning 18-wheeler truck.

The Downtown Grand casino space is currently an empty shell, but work is in full swing. They have the time, money and the space. All that is required of us is patience.

We also recently alerted you to the demise of the mini-neon alley directly across the street from the Grand. The move of these historic pieces has been officially approved by the City and two have already upped sticks. The Red Barn and Wedding Chapel signs have both vanished from their perch. So, don't delay if you were planning on snapping some close-up neon images for your Instagram galleries.

[Photos: VegasChatter, Fifth Street Gaming]

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