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Cirque Pulls Back The Curtain For Their Unmissable Cirque Week

November 14, 2012 at 7:23 PM | by | ()

Attention, Cirque fans! It's fast approaching. The third annual chance to totally immerse yourself in Cirque du Soleil culture. The accurately titled Cirque Week begins on December 1st and they've announced the events early. If you have any, even just a little interest in the company, or are serious about theatrical arts, or just fancy a peek behind the scenes, this is an absolute unmissable event.

This writer attended last year's festivities and documented our experience at length. We encountered folks who had only seen one Cirque show and a few who made a hobby of traveling the globe to catch the far-flung touring productions. Among attendees were professional costume designers, lighting directors and a couple of would-be Cirque acrobats. They were given instruction, tips and the assurance they could audition for possible employment. Everyone went home happy. And, as corny as it sounds, inspired.

The presentations run like clockwork and it's a joy to listen to extraordinarily talented people who really love what they do. They really do pull back the curtain. Very little was kept secret. Plus, that Zumanity presentation was pretty saucy.

Yep, it was a highlight of 2011 and we're excited about attending again. This December, the events are similar and different. We're particularly looking forward to the backstage tour of O. That sort of access is normally only available to VIP ticket buyers for $260. Ka-ching.

Last year, we bought the cheapest ticket, saw all the presentations, and received tickets to LOVE and Viva Elvis. Best deal in town. This year, tickets prices range from $150 for a two-show ticket package to $540 which will net you seats at all seven different Cirque shows. You can purchase the packages online, here.

So, Cirque-heads assemble! No questions were left unanswered. And plan to learn more than you ever imagined. About, um, imagination. And we can't remember when we met a friendlier collection of folks. Oh, we're just giddy about it. It's the ultimate backstage tour. Sorry, Jubilee!

Here's a quick list of the highlights as we see them. And they are repeating the Zumanity presentation. Yay. a complete and more detailed calendar is here. We'll, of course, bring you our personal breakdown of the events as they happen.

“O” – Behind the Water
Guests are given a behind-the-scenes look at what makes the master machine of water operate with a tour throughout the backstage areas.

Mystere™ Chinese Poles Demonstration and Q&A
Mystère recently added two new acts and nearly 20 performers to the show. Members of our Artistic and Technical teams will talk about what was like to make major changes to an existing show. Guests will also have the chance to enjoy a demonstration of the updated Chinese Poles act at Mystère.

Go Behind the Scenes with Zumanity, The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil
Guests will have the opportunity to observe a training of one of the show’s signature acts.

Zarkana 101
Learn the history of Zarkana from those who have traveled the world with the show. Learn what it takes to move a massive set across the planet and what it was like to perform in some of the most prestigious theatres - Radio City Music Hall and Kremlin State Palace Theatre.

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If CIRQUE is your thing or you've just been curious yet unable to work the ticket prices into you Vegas bankroll,
here's your chance PLUS...the behind the scenes offer is an extra, wonderful value!

I've done a few, they're great however remember...save for ZUMANITY, most Shows are best viewed from the UPPER REAR (the 200 SECTIONS)

Using the link here, I did a few 'test' purchases for a 3 Show package. KA', ZUMANITY, and MYSTERE for example. I did others too, but this gets my point across.  As I've experienced in the past (for some reason), KA' tics seat you in the lower front/side section...these are pretty poor seats to fully enjoy what this very cool Show puts before you. USE THE SEARCH AGAIN/CHANGE SEATS option until you find something more centered and back.
The ZUMANITY and MYSTERE seats this deal offered me were great!

I suggest looking at the seating charts on the properties website and get familiar with the SECTIONS. Then, pick a deal and see what seats come up.

Again, you want seats as centered as possible and not too close to the front. (except for ZUMANITY) Front row or close too are FUN but keep in mind...if the 'love seats' come up as an option...they're good but you might become part of the Show too!