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Shania Twain: I'm On A Horse!

November 14, 2012 at 11:29 PM | by | ()

Somewhere, Faith and Tim are going back to the drawing board after Shania Twain went all country Matrix on The Strip to kick off her residency at Caesars.

The country superstar cantered down a closed Las Vegas Boulevard Wednesday afternoon alongside some 40 horses, giving us the perfect opportunity to write a story filled with things like, 'man, she must really feel like a woman,' 'she is still the one' and 'that does impress me much.' Well, we're sorry, but we're not going to go there.

No, there's no way we've time to mention all that when there's that outfit to discuss. Thank goodness there was a press release for that. Designer Robin Chretien created this, umm, look "made from distressed black lambskin" and crystals. We're spying some tulle thrown in there, too.

We're just really at a loss for words here other than Celine, please help a sister diva out! so we're going to list some of our runner-up headlines instead -- 'Come On Over,' to Caesars Palace! 'Don't be Stupid,' see Shania at Caesars! 'From This Moment On,' Shania's At Caesars! 'Ka-Ching': Shania Ponies Up to Caesars!

Show your endless love (ooo! one more!) for Shania in Vegas starting December 1. The country diva will perform 60 shows over two years in Caesars' Colosseum. Tickets start at $55.

(PHOTOS: Las Vegas News Bureau, Darrin Bush; Caesars Palace on Facebook; Daily Mail)

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