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How Ready To Rock Is The Venetian's Sands Theatre? Not So Much

November 15, 2012 at 7:32 PM | by | ()

Are you prepared to be rocked Las Vegas? That's what their website is asking. Rock of Ages, the musical that inspired the film and the Venetian's Bourbon Room, debuts on December 18. So, we wanted to see how the theatre was taking shape.

Way back in August, we steered you wrong, by saying the show was taking residency in the space formerly occupied by Phantom. That's what the casting call to prospective performers said. They, like, totally lied! No, the former Blue Man Group theatre will be where all the action will go down. Officially the Sands Theatre, it'll be re-branded the Rock Of Ages Theatre. And, how prepared is the venue to rock? Not so much from the outside.

Apart from the billboards upstairs that point you down to the theatre, you'd never know opening night was almost a month away. If you are walking from the Palazzo to the Venetian, and vice versa, there's no visual clues a major new show is imminent. And, the box office next to the venue's front door has zero flyers advertising ticket sales. Rita Rudner and Faith Hill, yes. Head banging party anthems? Not yet.

But, "Don't Stop Believin'," we're sure they'll kick into high gear soon. And, for those watching "The Final Countdown" to check out the opening night craziness on the 18th, we checked with Ticketmaster. Tickets are still available priced between $64.35 and 143.75, plus those totally un-cool fees that are added by The Man, maaaaaan.

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