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That's A Wrap On Hangover 3's Vegas Vacation

November 16, 2012 at 12:06 PM | by | ()

No one's gonna F on Mr. Chow of Nevada Patrol.

And, scene.

That's a wrap on the filming of Hangover 3 in Las Vegas. If it feels like the wolfpack left just as soon as it arrived, this Vegas stop was measured in weeks over months. It wasn't even three weeks ago that we started staking out filming locations. We barely got a chance to say hello and never had a chance to say goodbye to our newest friends. Did we say friends? Forget you saw that -- we didn't say friends. And, due to a piece of paper we signed with some legal mumbo jumbo and a Warner Brothers logo on it, we didn't say anything about any involvement in filming a movie codenamed "H3." And, we most certainly did not confirm being on set for the filming of Hangover 3 at any time. Whatsoever. Nope, we have no idea what you're talking about.

What we can say without fear of having our looney tunes clipped is that after filming in the desert, shooting scenes at Caesars Palace and shutting down the Strip before tying up downtown, the cameras and crew have reportedly left Las Vegas.

Theories about the Hangover 3 plot can be formed, though, solely based on chatty employees, observers and online trolling. The boys hit a funeral and rumor passing around The Strip was that the boys break Alan out of a psych facility before landing in Vegas for Mr. Chow's bachelor party. We gotta say a Vegas bachelor party is a completely valid reason to break someone from the looney bin. But, what could have set Alan over the edge? The passing of his dad? They are close, but we're leaning toward his mom. After all who would make him sandwiches and take away his dirty dishes?

Mr. Chow makes an entrance (an escape?) by parachuting from the Eiffel Tower before gliding himself all the way downtown. Someone's looking to party. Piecing this scene together took the better part of two weeks so expect it to be a key scene for the Chow-man. It's a f'ing parachute for crying out loud. Suck on that.

And, proving once again that some guys just can't handle Vegas, this humorous but rather illegal video reveals a smashed up van and limo:

Unfortunately, that's all we legally got. But, it has been amusing watching the fandom go crazy over hopeful sightings of not funny man Zach Galifianakis, not Office star Ed Helms, but last year's sexiest man alive Bradley Cooper:

Fans were so amped about the possibility of meeting Bradley Cooper, some let their excitement take over any and all rational thought:

Some even jumped forward in time:

Other stalkers kept their cool and a steady hand when seeing the stars out and about town. Like @Jeank71 who stealth-snapped a photo of Coop at the Bacchanal Buffet:

What else did the cast see and do in Vegas when the cameras weren't rolling? Gamble at $25 blackjack tables, of course:

The Rain Man reboot looks awesome.

See a Cirque show and pose backstage with a selection of perfomers:

Mr. Chow LOVEs Cirque.

See a non-Cirque show and pose backstage with the entire cast:

Where's Waldo Stu?

A May 2013 release date is planned for Hangover 3 while VegasChatter's IMDb page is scheduled to be indefinitely tied up in red tape.

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