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Rockin' The Burgers At Rattlecan Inside Venetian

November 16, 2012 at 5:53 PM | by | ()

Before getting to the food at Rattlecan inside Venetian, we should explain where the name comes from. As our waitress relayed, a rattle can is slang for a spray paint can.

The decor at Rattlecan represents this culture in a strange way as we detailed before its opening. A burger joint next to a poker room and across from a sportsbook is a perfect fit for any casino. Graffiti, a mechanical pickle (hidden in back as not to look like it was crying for attention) and hard rock music, however, seem a little out of place on the casino floor with the classic Italian decor of The Venetian. That said, Rattlecan is pretty awesome in a lot of ways.

The vibe inside Rattlecan was great. The music was rocking and bands ranged from Green Day to Metallica. There was a nice variety of seating, from chairs at the bar to large tables with high stools that look out to the sportsbook.

There were also a handful of booths and even "outdoor" casino seating.

There are also more secluded places to eat if you don't want to be seen.

The vibe is akin to a cleaned up and mainstream dive bar like the Double Down Saloon.

We were watching basketball before dinner when a waitress was making rounds in the sportsbook. She offered to bring food right to our seats at the sportsbook which would have been awesome if we were hungry and hanging out at the book. However, we had reservations and she just sat us inside the restaurant. She and the entire wait staff were all bright and bubbly which made dinner even more fun.

We were tipped off that the wait staff had undergone weeks of training and has tasted every item on the menu at least once. This comes in handy because the house burger menu is full of strange options including a non-burger called the Hot Mess, mashed potatoes, chili, cheese, chicken sticks, cheeseburger, melted onions, bacon, grilled corn, pickled jalapenos, ranch drizzle, cheddar, polish dog, fried egg, roast chili peppers, onion rings, hot sauce, diced tomato, red onion, and pickles.

This writer created a very basic bacon cheeseburger, but others shared some of the recommended choices such the Vintage and house favorite, Rattlecan, cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, pickle, special sauce, crinkle-cut fries, lettuce and tomato. (Rattlecan's burgers range from $9 to $19.)

The bacon on the bacon cheeseburger was thick and smokey. It may have been the best bacon we've ever had on a burger. The beef was nice and juicy (larger plates would be nice with all of the juices), but not seasoned with overwhelming flavor. Chef Sammy (who also runs FIRST Food and Bar) probably could have gone over the top with flavors, but he let the meat speak on its own. Our friend that tried the Savory burger opted to have a second burger instead of a moon pie ($7) for dessert.

The red velvet moon pie wasn't anything special, but it went very nicely with a cold mason jar of Magic Hat #9. A mason jar of beer was $7, but a glass of soda or iced tea was $5. Our fathers remember when soda was a nickel... a nickel!

Rattlecan is a great quick casual dining option at The Venetian. If you're not into rockin' out with your burger, you can eat outside, in the sportsbook or even take the food to eat in the food court.

Gourmet burger joints may not be opening as often as they used to, but we welcome a good quick beer and burger and love that Rattlecan is located next to one of our favorite sportsbooks in Vegas.

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I know I sound like I'm 90 years old, but I was appalled to receive a check with a $5 charge for Pepsi. And, I didn't even ask for a refill! At least next time, I know to ask for a carafe on the side.

That's Out-Of-Line

That's an obnoxious mark-up for a soft drink at a burger place, even if it is a trendy one in a casino. Once again... the properties wonder why people bring coolers to their room and stock up on drinks and snacks at the drug stores!

I've found that most restaurants don't balk if you walk in with a drink you've already been working on. Sounds like it's time to hit the gift shop before you eat, buy at 20 oz. pop for $2, and know you won't get gouged.