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How About A Scorpion Car To Add To The Fire-Breathing Praying Mantis?

November 16, 2012 at 7:43 PM | by | ()

We're cuckoo for the Shipping Container Park praying mantis. But, it might only just be the beginning. News is circulating about the opportunity for even more artistic strangeness scheduled to head downtown. Direct from Burning Man.

Yes, we keep writing about that nutty 40-foot tall, fire-shooting praying mantis, because we really can't wait to see it. You can only marvel at the Bellagio fountains so many times. We want fire-spewing insects! Downtown Project, who bought the mantis sculpture, has announced they are expanding their unconventional art appreciation and forming an alliance with Burning Man organizers. They'll liaise with a cultural attaché who will attempt to bring art projects and ideas from the desert to Fremont East.

If Burning Man is new to you, it's an annual, week-long festival held in the normally inhospitable Rock Desert in northern Nevada. A temporary, self-sufficient community of art, cultural and social projects. The thousands of attendees brave the open elements and create a mini-city. They bring all the bits and pieces to build shelters, streets, stores and entertainment. You name it, they have to bring it and build it. Just like the Downtown Project is trying to do piece by piece, but within the parameters of City rules, confines and common sense.

The first announced collision of these two worlds is to bring dozens of their famed "art cars" to Vegas. The flat desert landscape of Burning Man is perfect for all manner of creative vehicles. Cars, bicycles, motorbikes, sometimes modified beyond recognition. They even have their own Department of Mutant Vehicles on site. This new alliance between Vegas and the Burners aims to bring dozens of these art cars to this area. The tricky part will be to store them, make them street legal or find a suitable place for them to parade.

Now familiar with the mantis, we're curious about these machines and found this nice video overview of last year's creations. At about the one minute mark you'll see a scorpion vehicle. That was created by Kirk Jellum who, you guessed it, built the praying mantis that's coming next year. Oh, it all falls into place, even if it all seems a little nutty at times. The exact nature of this large cultural collaboration seems a little abstract to us at the moment, but we'll keep an eye on it, as with all the other Downtown comings and goings.

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