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Slotzilla Might Prove The Real Reason You'll Head Downtown Next Year

November 19, 2012 at 5:34 PM | by | ()

Believe you can fly. Move over Shipping Container Park, giant scorpions and community interaction. We think the real draw for Downtown Vegas next year will be fulfilling your superhero fantasies. Zipline experts, Skyline, plan to build a 120-foot slot machine and catapult you out of it down Fremont Street. You'll fly horizontally like Superman.

Fremont Street Bars posted the scoop this weekend and the idea is so daffy, we think it might just work. Two elevators will take you inside the world's largest slot machine, Slotzilla, up to two different levels. Either platform will allow four people to fly at once. The lower level is for the seated zipline experience; similar to the current Flightlinez ride you know and love. Slotzilla adds a second level, 100 feet off the ground and with an added kick.

If you are brave enough to head to the top, your launch will be powered for dramatically increased speed and velocity. Flightlinez currently zips along at 30 miles an hour and for a distance of 800 feet. Slotzilla lite will travel the same length. Top level adventurers will receive twice the ride, flying for 1,700 feet and shoot upwards, very close to the Fremont Street Experience canopy. Horizontally. With arms stretched out.

With a name like Slotzilla, the gaming theme needed to be pushed to the limits. While waiting to fly, you'll face a closed door. You won't be staring down Fremont Street. Once all safety measures are in place, the door will drop away and you'll be on your way. Down on the ground, to folks staring up, it'll look like human coins are dropping out of the machine. We are not making this up.

Here's a video explaining, well what we've explained, plus bonus footage of an actual Slotzilla model. No renderings for this company. They've got a mini-Slotzilla!

To recap: Flightlinez is going away. Construction on Slotzilla is said to begin in January and should be completed within six months. According to Dan Borden, President of Flightlinez, it was the Fremont Street Experience who approached them about this new venture. Which indicates to us, some calculated pre-thought has entered into the equation. Borden has been operating ziplines in Hawaii since 2002 and is no stranger to the technology. And, Contour Entertainment who are designing Slotzilla, (yes, we just like to write it) have some well established chops at creating major attractions.

We're cautiously optimistic this will all fall into place and we'll be keeping a very close eye on the process. June 2013 can't come soon enough.

[Rendering of Slotzilla by Contour Entertainment.]

Archived Comments:

Line 'em Up

It's sooooo Las Vegas.  That's a compliment, not a criticism.

Only Concern...

I think it is an amazing idea. However, my concern is that it will really close off FSE from East Fremont, disrupting the natural flow of people who want to keep exploring. It is a huge mental barrier.

Having said that, it will become one of the most photographed objects in Las Vegas and garner worldwide news attention. So, plenty of plus-sides.


I was curious about it restricting foot traffic too due to its size.  Great points on the plus sides, however.  Overall, I'm looking forward to being blasted out of a coin slot.