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The Aria Pylon Grows With Ease And Under Your Nose

November 20, 2012 at 5:11 PM | by | ()

Seems we're still the only ones to have noticed the Aria pylon is creeping skyward. So, here's your latest update as we continue our vigil on the construction progress of the 260-feet-tall advertising sign that will tower over The Strip, situated in front Crystals and the 453-feet-tall, dust-filled, Harmon Hotel.

It's moving along much quicker than we imagined and yet we still can't grasp the true height of this ballyhoo behemoth. So much so, we had to ponder when looking at our perspective skewed photo. The replica Eiffel Tower you see in the distance is 541 feet tall. The sign won't be that much of a beast.

With the world's largest full-motion LED screen already across the street at Harmon Corner and 260 feet of Aria's digital display still to come, this quadrant of The Strip will eventually evolve into a mini-Times Square of flashy imagery.

We were very surprised how effortless the second "foot" of this sign scooted up through the Crystals-to-Cosmopolitan walkway. We were sure that would cause trouble. While the pylon will tower over this path, an Aria sign will be directly above your head as you walk under it. Above that, sits 150 feet of vertical digital display.

Again, trying to gauge the size, we wondered how tall is the Cosmopolitan's huge screen you can see in the distance. That's the one they use to show movies and show ads and specially commissioned art. We found out. It's only 65 feet. A quarter of the size. The Aria pylon, so big it can't be ignored, even if we're the only ones who have currently noticed.

Archived Comments:

Must have great engineers.

Not sure why they are building a huge expensive sign right next to the property they want to demolish.  Must have a super careful demolition team, but they probably don't.