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Strip Comedy at The Palms: For Those Who Like Their Jokes Quick And Dirty

Where: 4321 West Flamingo Road [map], 89103
November 20, 2012 at 6:03 PM | by | ()

Strip Comedy is the newest show to appear at the Lounge at The Palms. It brings midwest-style improv comedy to a legitimate Las Vegas venue. Two jersey wearing teams of four compete against each other by playing out improvised games and sketches. Each bit is shaped by shouted out suggestions from the crowd.

Live improv always tends to play a little on the perverse side, but what else can you expect from the nerdy undersexed theater dorks that practice the craft? The difference in this show is that it is produced by Anthony Cools. The same Anthony Cools with the sexed-up hypnosis show. The guy with the hair salon that features the stylists’ measurements on its website. Yes, the same Anthony Cools that owns Swingers Club The Drink, the Plaza bar that once featured mini golf and dueling pianos alongside scantily clad servers dressed as schoolgirls.

Cool’s twist in Strip Comedy is that, as each team scores against the other, a pretty girl wearing the teams’ colors removes an article of clothing. Funny jokes and (mostly) naked girls seemed like a winning formula to us so we sat right up front to see if the show could keep us laughing and, well, not bored for the duration of the show.

At first glance, we were a little creeped out. Groups are led to their seats by one of two pretty hostesses. The backdrop of the show is made up of five panels. On each picture is a picture of a cleverly concealed nude girl, who happens to be sitting on a toilet. We were quick to notice that the girls that seated us made up two of these five girls. Odd, but we pushed through.

What we saw was a surprisingly entertaining show. The cast let us know right off the bat that this is an adults only show, leading us in a chant of their favorite four letter words. Like all improv, it is hit or miss. A few of the cast members were extremely clever and funny. While there were some belly laughs, there were a few legitimately cringe-inducing moments where we hoped the awkwardness would quickly pass.

The host of the show, Kopy Kopatich, was funny and charming. He was never seen without a drink in his hand, essentially reminding the audience that improv comedy is funnier the drunker you are. We even saw one of the almost naked models steal a sip from his beer.

Strip Comedy is worth checking out. Although there were a few painful minutes, the cast is really trying to entertain the audience and they are having fun while doing it. Since the show is audience driven, each night could be drastically different than the night before. Just get ready for more dick jokes than you can shake a, well, you know what at.

Strip Comedy runs nightly (dark Mondays and Tuesdays) at 8 p.m. inside The Lounge at the Palms. Tickets are $39.95 and can be purchased at 702-944-3200, through ticketmaster.com or at the Palms Box Office. Guests must be 21 years of age and older.

Editor's Note: VegasChatter received complimentary media passes to Strip Comedy, but our opinions remain our own.

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