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The Dealers Are Watching (And Tweeting About) You

November 2, 2012 at 4:26 PM | by | ()

We love Twitter. It's not only a place for us to let you know what's happening in Las Vegas, but it's a place for us to keep tabs on things in our fair city. Following hotels and casinos give us a lot of information, but we always want more.

When you walk into a casino, you know that the casino has its eyes on you everywhere except for the restrooms and your hotel room. Well, those aren't the only eyes on you. The dealers are watching and, unlike the eye in the sky, they're also listening. And, now, they're tweeting about you, too.

There are a handful of anonymous dealers on Twitter. While the dealers may be salty with some of the people they deal to, they also provide information that can help the gambler. Here are some examples from @AnnoyedCsnoDlr:

The Las Vegas casino dealer population on Twitter is growing and you can find more popping up every day. @AngryDiceGirl, @MeanPokerDealer and @AnnoyedCsnoDlr are a few of our favorite dealers to read. We find it more fun to keep the dealers anonymous. It's true that this writer has come home after a night at the casino to see if any of the dealers tweeted about his table. So far, we're in the clear. Whew.

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Archived Comments:

How's the table?

Ok, I say it all the time.  Yes, I understand that past results have nothing to do what will happen in the future and I will sit down anyways.  I use it as a way to break the ice and loosen up. I could end up sitting there for 5+ hours, I want a dealer that I can chat with and have fun.  @theangryskittle

maybe when I was a kid

I never say that now because I never sit at a table without watching it first.  I agree, past actions have nothing to do with the future.  It isn't suppose to matter what the other players do, but it does to me.  I can't stand to play at a table where there are people playing that would be better off just opening their wallet and say take whatever you like.

I much rather play at a table that the players at least know basic strategy and stick to it.  I'm also very aware what a hard job it is being a dealer.  I tip well when winning, I stay respectful when losing.  There is nothing worse than some loser who berates the dealer because he is losing.

I prefer

I prefer to play by myself at a BJ table because I can't stand all the players who blame the dealer for the cards. Or they complain about not winning - Dude, if you can't afford financially or emotionally to lose, for Crissakes, don't gamble!

That, and I can't stand smokers, and drunks.


I'm guilty of several of his generalizations. Going to be in Vegas over Christmas and will make it a point to adjust some of my idiosyncrasies.