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If, Umm, When SLS Vegas Opens, We Hope You'll Have A Fred Segal Addiction

Where: 2535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map]
November 20, 2012 at 12:41 PM | by | ()

The SLS Vegas is moving forward. If only on paper.

In a press release issued today, Sam Nazarian is sticking with an anticipated opening of 2014 for the transformation of the Sahara. And, when it makes its debut, it will be all Fred Segal, all the time.

SLS will have seven different retail locations around the property and each one will be Fred Segal. Every one. The news release says it's the first time a hotel has ever done this. We're not so sure it's a good thing. Novelty, yes. Future pit stop of Vegas-based reality TV catfights shows, yes. Future reference to (insert name of hot 2014 celebrity here) being spotted here, yes. (Except, Pink, we're guessing.) But, only offering Segal-branded boutiques means guests in search of other labels will need to venture far from the corner of SLS and Desolation Way to find them. And, once they're gone, they're probably out for a while meaning all those dollars are being spent elsewhere.

On the other hand, would Vegas visitors travel all the way to the SLS just to window shop at Fed Segal? We wouldn't and the handful of people we polled, wouldn't. But, from all the Los Angeles references peppered throughout today's media alert, it seems that quite a lot of us aren't the "highly sought after consumer base" SLS is looking for. Which begs the question, if they build it, will LA's monied come?

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Archived Comments:

Is It Just Me?....

.....or does "SLS" just sound....well....DUMB?!! I'm not really sure that a "boutique" hotel and casino at this end of the srtip will work. Let's face it, it will still have "riff raff" from the surrounding area. Aside from that, the casinos at that end of the strip (Circus Circus, Riviera) don't cater too, nor attract a customer base of "high end nature". I remember the Sahara in it's last days (the last 2-3 years) on more than ONE occasion, being blatantly approached to buy cocaine, and offered $20 "uuhhhmmmmm "in the bathrooms by crack addict, degenerate gamblers. TRUE STORY. Even with a new (DUMB) name, I'm not sure this place will attract the type of clientelle they're looking for. My suggestion...give the casino a facelift, reno the hotel, put in some good down to earth restaurants (middle class affordable), and re-open as the Sahara again. A proper marketing blitz advertising a "retro" gem has re-opened with a great "retro" facelift. It would probably be cheaper than the plans they have for this place. And I think my idea would be better recieved in the current economic state of the U.S.