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The Hotel At Main Street Station Ain't So Bad

November 20, 2012 at 8:49 PM | by | ()

We've been to Main Street Station before for the gambling. 20 times odds with $5 minimums may be the perfect game for the cost conscious craps player. Comp'd 777 micro brews and full pay video poker at the bar make the beer drinking gambler happy. This was our first time, however, checking out the hotel.

If you just walk into the casino to gamble, you may not notice the train station motif evident by the name. You'll see how obvious it is when you walk towards the lobby. The rooms, though, aren't treated with that same motif. The decor seems to be a more modern take on 80s design as you can see in the video below. Meaning the style looks old, but the furniture looks new. Overall, the rooms at Main Street Station aren't very flashy, but they are clean (except the windows) and among the most comfortable rooms in downtown Vegas.

Pictures of Main Street Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

One of the best features of the Main Street Station hotel is that the rooms are much larger than the older hotels in downtown Vegas. Our 2 Queen Non-Smoking felt twice as large as our rooms at the Fremont Hotel (another B Connected property) and our tiny room at Golden Gate.

There is in-room WiFi that will run $9.99 per day, but there's also complimentary WiFii around the players club in the area they refer to as a cafe, even though there's no food or drink. There are a handful of bistro tables to sidle up to and snag WiFi for a few minutes. (Tip: There's no password so anyone can use the WiFi. Shhhhhhhh... don't tell anyone.)

Fairly or not, we don't judge rooms downtown the same way we judge rooms on The Strip. Why? The room costs almost the same as the resort fees at some hotels. This recent stay cost $33 with no resort fee and we'll gladly crash here again even if the only place to get coffee in the morning is at the bar.

[Photos: Veee Man on Flickr, TripAdvisor, VegasChatter]

Archived Comments:

I agree

We spent one night here last summer and thought it was a fine place to spend the night. Nothing fancy but our room was clean and comfortable. When we are downtown we usually end up here anyway due to the good beer and cheap games. The buffet is good for breakfast too, especially since you can easily score a two-for-one if you have a player's card.

Would stay there, but......

Why no sportsbook?  Deal killer for me.

My favorite in downtown

My wife and I stay here at least once a year. We go to Vegas much more often, but we make it a point to stay here. Boyd owns three in downtown, but this place is the crown jewel.

The beds are Very comfortable and the rooms are clean. They also have a flat screen TV and a mini fridge in most rooms. The cleaning staff is super nice and always cleans with out messing with our stuff. The staff at the fron desk is always polite and goes the extra mile. On our last stay, just last week...we arrived 3 hours before check in and they hapily let us check in early for free of course.

My favorite in the Casino is the penny video poker(near the twilight zone slots).

Another plus....

...the Boyd properties have some of the nicest in-room toiletries to be found.  Quality products with a fantastic almond-like fragrance.  They always give me some extras to take home.  Nice people.


I read that as "nicest in-room toilets" at first and was trying to imagine almond scented toilets before coming to my senses. Oy.  

For the record, I love Main Street Station.

The bath test

Thanks for the room tour!
I never stay downtown anymore because other than the Nugget, all my dt rooms have been a disaster. Either the room smells like smoke, it's worn and dirty or the toilet is too close to the bathtub (Plaza). I would stay at Mainstreet Station. I have also heard their buffet is worthwhile and downright cheap compared to the strip.