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Las Vegas Showgirls to Take On SI Swimsuit Models

November 26, 2012 at 1:42 PM | by | ()

VegasChatter's newest contributor is Will McGough or Wake and Wander, a writer who spends every waking moment wandering. (See what happened there?) For his first assignment, we threw him right into the deep end and he went, willingly, to report on swimsuit models, showgirls and Vegas.

We’re going to be hard pressed to find someone giving a greater gift to men-kind this holiday season. It’s been announced that the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue in February will feature a blockbuster bikini battle between its swimsuit models and our Las Vegas showgirls.

Christmas, it appears, has indeed come early.

An SI photographer shot 12 Vegas showgirls in mid-November, and the Las Vegas Sun dishes that the gals chosen include our beloved Melody Sweets from Absinthe, FANTASY topless temptress Lorena Peril and Jennifer Romas from iCandy Burlesque.

The other names are still a mystery at this point, but this is certainly something that we’re willing to wait and see on -– emphasis on the latter. Can’t wait? A few photos from the always secretive shoot location have been leaked online. (You’re welcome.) Most everything else is under wraps, including the release date and who will grace the cover.

Last year, David Letterman revealed the cover on his show shortly before it went to press, and he will do the honors once again this time around. The 2012 swimsuit issue was released on Valentine’s Day (sort of adding insult to injury in a way, don’t you think, ladies?), and the past two years have seen the SI swimsuit models invade Vegas for the issue’s release taking over The Strip.

For 2013, our gals finally get the chance to stomp all over their turf for a change, and we can’t wait to see the results!

(PHOTO: Sports Illustrated)

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