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Triple 7: Yes! To The Beer, Ok To The Food

Where: 200 North Main Street [map], 89101
November 26, 2012 at 2:41 PM | by | ()

Main Street Station has only two dining options in the hotel, the Garden Court Buffet and Triple 7 Restaurant & Microbrewery. When exploring the hotel last week, we decided to sit down at the Triple 7 (aka 777) for lunch and also picked up a sandwich to go for a late night dinner.

The setup of 777 is as you'd expect for a bar/restaurant. The first thing this writer noticed were the amount of TVs. They were everywhere and this is a good thing since there isn't a sportsbook on the property. Seating isn't fancy, but it's functional with plenty of options, from sitting at the bar to butcher block tables that are set up for larger parties.

We were tucked away in a corner by the entrance for lunch which was good for a quiet lunch, but if we were at 777 for a game we would not have stayed. It was too far from any of the TVs. We kept lunch basic with a 777 Royal Red Lager and a cheeseburger ($8) with a four cheese mix.

The burger was good, but nothing special. The beef was juicy and burger prepared medium as we requested, but there was nothing especially great. Ditto for the fries. This wasn't much of a surprise and it wasn't a disappointment. When dining downtown, it's usually helpful to keep expectations in check because many of the restaurants are just average. Our Monterey chicken sandwich was more of the same. It was fine for $8, but not something we'd go out of our way for.

On the other hand, the Triple 7 brews are all pretty good and the Royal Red is one of our favorites. A 16 ounce beer is only $3.25 and, if you're curious to find your favorite, they offer a sampler of all five drafts on tap for $5.50. Note: If you plan on gambling, you can get the 777 beers comp'd while you're playing.

Triple 7 Restaurant & Microbrewery may be better served by listing microbrewery first with restaurant following because that's how we'd sum up our time here. We'd definitely return to 777 for beer we can't get anywhere else and snacks (think happy hour), but if we're searching for great food, we'll just walk down the street to Triple George Grill.

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We stay downtown a lot. 777 Brew Pud is always a must when we visit. We go 3 or 4 times a week. The seafood / sushi bar is great, the pipzza is great and the beer is great.
   Nothing major fancy here but just good chow and atmosphere.

try again!

The prime rib is actually awesome! Also had great fish tacos once too.   The casino bar has full pay video poker and even if you arent playing, microbrews are 1.50!

From @danisinthenews on Twitter

"After midnight I believe beer is only a dollar, too."

Microbrews Are Now $1.75

After having been $1.50 for quite a while.


That looks Yummy

Must try

Its such a yummy kind of food!that you must try.