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It's Coco's World, And Planet, Now

November 27, 2012 at 8:51 PM | by | ()

Coco is in the building at Planet Hollywood. And, soon to be in the bustier.

The buxom new star of Peepshow rehearsed with her cast mates for the first time yesterday as her Vegas debut nears. We here at VegasChatter are also limbering up for Coco's Peepshow run, set to begin this Monday, December 3. We've been practicing widening our peepers as far as they'll go. Next up, increasing the length of time between blinks.

If you think Coco was just hired for her obvious assets, we hear from a very reliable source that this gal can really shake that thang. We're assuming that covers both the 'thangs' in front and the back so a win/win for all.

Another thing she's good at? Causing a stir. Especially, now that she's told us her Facebook fans what she'll be driving around Vegas:

OMG !!! I'm officially in Vegas now!!! I'll be out here for at least 3 months doing PEEPSHOW Las Vegas starting next Monday Dec 3rd.Hurry and get your tickets!! You can also arrange to meet me! Another cool thing that has happened is my buddy,Chop at Towbin Automotive hooked me up with this DOPE muscle car to drive.. Its a white with red stripe Challenger ..Its so much fun..I'm a total bad ass now..LOL..I'll post a pic soon..right now I have to go shoot Ice Loves Coco ....Bye

We're going to tail be on high alert whenever a red-striped Challenger catches our eye from now on.

Also, let's not forget about Coco's endless dedication to Titty Tuesday even as she rehearses for her big night:

You just made this your screensaver, didn't you?

We also can't resist sharing a tweet showcasing Coco's famously eye-popping backside:

Tickets for Coco's opening night are still available and start at $84.70. She'll be here for three months, but has alluded to the possibility that it could be longer. Hubbie Ice-T won't be here all the time as he's taping Law & Order: SVU, but he will pop in from time to time so if you upgrade to the VIP meet and greet you just might get a celebrity two-for.

And, if you can't make it to Vegas for Coco, just keep the DVR set to Ice Loves Coco. Cameras have been documenting her Peepshow journey.

(PHOTOS: @MicheleL812 on Twitter, Coco on Who Say, Kirvin Doak Communications)

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