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Bill's To Close In February 2013 For Remodel

Where: 3595 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
November 29, 2012 at 12:36 PM | by | ()

We already knew that Bill's had the plans, now it has the money, too, for a remodel so big it will cause the Strip hotel-casino to close early next year.

Caesars Entertainment says it will shutter Bill's on February 4, 2013 in order to pump $185 million dollars into the aging property. The expansive renovation will call for new "guest rooms, casino floor and common areas" as well as "the addition of a new second floor restaurant." A lot of that money will also go towards creating a rooftop dayclub/nightclub complete with pool. The new experience will be managed by a familiar name, Drai's. You can read more in-depth details, as we've previously shared, here.

When Bill's reopens, vaguely reported as sometime in early 2014, it won't be Bill's, anymore. It will have a new, as yet unannounced name. Hopefully, nothing with a 'q.' Share your suggestion for its new name below!

Update: We asked Caesars what this news would mean for the current incarnation of Drai's and for beer pong which migrated to Bill's after the closure of O'Sheas. A spokesperson told us they don't have those answers at this time.

(PHOTO: Bill's on Foursquare)

Archived Comments:

What a cluster %@#*

Right now they do not know which end is up.  Their website is still taking reservations past the closing date, of course their recording still says Big Elvis is playing there, so things change slowly there.  The lady in customer service told me they knew two months ago about this date.  I have/had a suite booked for March Madness, trying to find an alternate at this late date kinda screws me.  They say they will move me to something comparable, but the IP or Quad or whatever it's called is on that list, but I have heard their sportsbook can be a mess during March Madness.  Any advice out there?  How is the Flamingo's book during the tourny?

Sports Book

Keith, check out the Stratospheres newly re-done sports book. Very very nicely done, and usually not too busy

Thnaks for the tip

I actually booked a Stratosphere room as a back up.  Gonna see what Caesar's does before I make a definitive plan.  Also looking at South Point and a return to my old standby, The Plaza.

Go With Plaza

Downtown is great for March Madness. The put the brackets up on the light show canapy, they have events, themed shows, you name it.

Plus, if you don't like the atmosphere in one hotel, you just hop to the next one. Unfortunately, obvious drawback is that they don't have the world-class sports books that The Strip has.

Bring back a classic name...

Since Caesars still owns the naming rights, I'd love to see them re-brand it The Horseshoe and bring the name back to Vegas...  Also Keith make sure that Plaza has there book reopened by then, I had heard William Hill was renovating it.  But I'd have to imagine it'd be done by march madness...


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