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The Quad Rooms Will Remain Among The Cheapest On The Strip For A Reason

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
November 29, 2012 at 7:51 PM | by | ()

The biggest mystery about the changeover of the Imperial Palace to The Quad has been about the rooms.

Most press from the changeover has focused on the casino part of The Quad and not the hotel. For a while, there was speculation and rumors that the rooms would be renovated along with the rest of the casino. Why not assume that an entire hotel and casino remodel would include the rooms? When the news was released the Las Vegas Review Journal pointed out that rooms were not scheduled as part of the renovation.

Hotel rooms have been discussed as part of the renovation but, coyly, have never been said to be renovated. Note how rooms are mentioned in between actual renovations in this article in Vegas Inc.

The Friedmutter Group, whose work includes the Cosmopolitan and Red Rock Resort, will oversee the interior design. Klai Juba Architects, who worked on Mandalay Bay and the Eastside Cannery, will handle exterior and structural improvements.

The Quad will retain the current number of 2,543 rooms and suites, along with many other features of the Palace. Those include the Shangri-la Pool, Embers steakhouse, Burger Palace, Betty’s Diner, Genseng 3, Quesadilla and the Emperor’s Buffet.

The changes also will include adding 15,000 square feet of gaming space. The casino floor is now about 50,000 square feet.

Sneaky? Maybe. Well structured corporate PR? Definitely.

A look at room rates for Sunday, January 13 show that rooms at The Quad will only cost $24 or $25. This is the least expensive Caesars hotel room price in Las Vegas. Now, it's safe to assume that we wouldn't be paying only $25 for a recently renovated hotel room. It's also safe to assume that older rooms at Harrah's and Rio wouldn't be more expensive than a renovated room.

Caesars never said that that the rooms at The Quad would be renovated and, despite wishful thinking and assumptions (this is why you never assume), they won't be. The rooms may be remodeled on a rainy day in the distant future in a galaxy far, far away, but that won't happen now. The Quad will remain the dirtiest cheapest place to rest your head on The Strip.

Editor's Note: We asked Caesars Entertainment just what the plans were for the rooms at The Quad. Our query went unanswered.

Archived Comments:

It May Occur

If you believe facebook, "Room renovations MAY occur subsequently" after Phase 2 (late 2013).  See this link:


In other words, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Link for clicking!


I'll be staying there next week for $12/night!

You can't polish a turd, however hard you rub.

It's surprising about the rooms, given how much money CE are spending on the Linq and IP makeover.

I guess the profit margins are much higher from gaming/clubs/retail....certainly at $25 per night (or $70 for the Lurv Tub) they won't recoup their investment quickly?

I stayed there once - my advice, take your own BioHaz suit and some industrial strength cleaning products.

Hash House?

Any word on if Hash House will be staying - I can't imagine it won't be, it's always packed.. but wonder why they didn't mention it.


i was staying at ballys and had a conversation with a bunch of employes who all said they will remodel the rooms at ip


It would be a huge improvement if they could just replace the carpet in the hallways and rooms.
They could also do something about those super slow elevators.
It may be called The Quad, but all you have to do is look up at the blue roofline and you are back at the IP.

Ps..Has anyone ever had room service at the IP? We have had room service just about everywhere we have stayed on the strip and were just wondering....
Actually, not "we", just me, since I have only stayed at the IP on my solo trips. Husband won't stay there.

Has Been Indicated

Gary Loveman noted at G2E that after Bill's, the next project was to refurbish existing rooms and clean up existing properties.

I'm with Denver Gambler

Coincidentally, I may splurge for the renovations myself. Key word, may.

IP vs Bellagio?

I stayed at IP a month ago (what can I say, SEMA was in town, it was the only place I could get comped.)

I was in tower 5 (front tower)  The hallway carpet was terrible. The room showed many places of wear and tear (dinged door corners, etc)

BUT the room was very clean. And surprisingly, the bed mattress pillows and linens all seemed new - upgraded.  The bed was triple sheeted, and the mattress was an extremely comfy pillowtop.  That was a pleasant find.

I moved for my last two nights to the Bellagio, a rennovated spa tower room,  While of course the furniture and general surroundings were in a completely different galaxy from the IP, the bed and mattress were about the same, comfort wise.

My 82 year old mother was robbed

My 82 year old mother was staying at the Quad. While she was asleep behind a locked door someone entered (with a key)and took her purse and my step father's wallet. They took her purse, his wallet and over $2000 in cash. IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

The hotel did NOTHING for my mom. We had BEG for them to cash a check. Not surprisingly there were no security cameras. The LVPD did nothing either.

Whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM THE QUAD. They are criminals.