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Did Slotzilla Inspire You To Zipline Down Fremont? We Have Some Bad News

November 29, 2012 at 6:27 PM | by | ()

Did our story on Slotzilla inspire you to take a zipline down Fremont Street? You are currently out of luck. Slotzilla (and we still really enjoy writing that) is the soon to be constructed, 120-foot, fake slot machine that doubles as a launching pad for two levels of zipliners. One part of this new ride will catapult you 1,700 feet down the street, under the neon, while you recline, arms stretched out like a superhero. We were crazy excited to give you all the details here.

But lost in news of an 11-story slot machine spitting out flying humans like loose quarters, was the update that Flightlinez, the original Fremont zipline experience, is currently closed. And being dismantled as we write. No more zipline for the time being.

Despite appearances, Flightlinez was always a temporary set-up. How temporary? Well it's already almost vanished from Fremont Street. The wires are down and the loading area is being pulled apart. The company's website says to check back on December 3rd for details of when they will re-open. We'd like to report this is a temporary measure. Flightlinez says so, but it also looks it would take a lot of work to get the set-up back up and running.

Our un-scientific reading between the lines also suggests there might be some bad blood between Flightlinez and the Fremont Street Experience, so we'll keep an eye on that too. Slotzilla isn't scheduled to open until June of next year and we feel sad for visitors who might miss out on a Fremont zipline experience between now and then. We'll be sure to let you know when Flightlinez is fully functional and we heartily recommend you try it out. It's quick, relatively cheap and you won't forget it. But, boy, just wait till Slotzilla takes over.

11.30 Update: Thanks to VegasChatter fan David S. who let us know that Flightlinez is being reassembled about "20-30 feet down Fremont to allow for the new construction." We'll let you know when visitors are zipping on by again. And, for how long.

Archived Comments:

Fingers crossed

Let's hope that the future arrival stations are less of an obstruction than the previous setup.  With all of the new outdoor bars, 3 stages, kiosks, street performers, religious protestors, charity collectors, popcorn wagons, fortune teller booths, etc., it was already difficult enough to get from one end of Fremont Street Experience to another.  But that monstrosity between 4   Queens and the Fremont Hotel made traffic flow a near-impossibility. I'm surprised all of this bottle-necking isn't considered a safety hazard.


Till then we can avoid that station