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Shania Twain Is So Ready To Prove She's Still The One

Where: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
November 30, 2012 at 7:58 PM | by | ()

"There will be a horse on stage."

That's the promise from Shania Twain, tanned, rested and ready to prove that her live performance hiatus was just a prelude to her best concerts yet. A 120-date residency right on The Strip. And, they start right now.

At a Caesars Palace press conference, Shania described the show as a "story." But, one fill of hits. When pressed, her best description was her music videos "bought to life," or more accurately "bigger than life."

A clearly enthusiastic Shania will make this a family affair, too. Her younger sister, Carrie, will join her on stage for a duet and video segments also concentrate on the familial bond. Video will be a big element we were told, and join all production aspects from costumes to lighting in being vastly upgraded from her previous tours. But, when the ballads kick-in, it'll be pure Shania, solo and the focus of attention.

Many press previews turn into a mutual love-fest, but at Caesars, Shania sounded genuinely confident about the large staging, her crew, the health of her voice and the reaction of her fans. Critics bother her, though. Make her "nervous." We'll have our review on Monday, if she's reading this. But, we received enough hints to suggest even jaded critics won't be bored. And, hey, that horse sounds fun, though she was quick to inform us this is "not a circus or a trick show." Shame, as a Shania circus sounds kind of cool.

So, if you like Shania Twain videos, we are lead to believe you'll go nuts for this run of gigs. To reinforce the point, outfits from her iconic MTV video staples are now on display, right by the Colosseum entrance. And, right across from this mini-exhibit, you can also now lay a bet on a Shania blackjack table. Given her devoted, and very patient, fan base, we think that felt will be receive some serious wear.

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Fashion Police

This outfit is a billion times better than the one she rode in on, but not loving the choice of footwear. A nice pump would have been lovely. I'm not sure why I care, but her styling bugs me.