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How Much A Room At Downtown Grand Will Go For

Where: 206 North 3rd [map], 89101
November 6, 2012 at 3:10 PM | by | ()

Downtown Grand gets the glass out.

While not much seems to be happening on the outside of the Lady Luck Downtown Grand, a lot is reportedly happening within the downtown hotel.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal states that the property has been gutted and that "workers were building interior walls, installing wiring, insulation, doors, as well as painting and installing new carpet in hallways." The newspaper also reports that execs are close to nailing down a room decor. What we found to be the most interesting part of the article, however, is the mention of a room rate --

around $69 a night.

To put that in perspective, the new Plaza touts rooms starting at $29 a night (a look at its booking engine shows most weekdays running at $35 and weekends around $67). Across the street at the remodeled Golden Gate, accommodations fall around $39 mid-week and around $69 on the weekend. And, down Fremont Street, the new D is asking around $34 mid-week for its renovated digs and $69 on the weekends. (Although, that seems to tick up a few bucks on each end in the New Year to $44/$79.)

The question is -- will remodeled rooms and a still-evolving downtown renaissance get Vegas visitors to leave The Strip? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Meantime, don't pack your bags for the Downtown Grand just yet. It's not expected to open its doors until late next year (possibly in September). The Lady Luck shuttered back in 2006.

(PHOTOS: Fifth Street Gaming on Facebook, fifthstreetgaming.com)

Archived Comments:


So the real question that no one wants to ask or answer about Downtown Grand is this:  What the heck is Jade?  

As seen in this picture (http://www.downtown3rd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/dtg-960.jpg) and on www.downtown3rd.com.

I asked them this question on facebook and the only response I was able to get was "It's part of our secret sauce..."

Probably not

I don't mind going downtown at all, it's fun, but I would not ever stay down there. Still too sketchy for that. Don't stay on strip anymore either.  

Favoring South Point, M, Red Rocks, etc. now.


That must be a newer rendering than the one we've been using. Ours doesn't have that logo. I'm sure people just haven't seen that version yet so haven't wondered about it.

I wish I could make out that fine print under "Jade." Looks like two words? Could it be a separate hotel-within-a-hotel tower?

Have you used your ninja trademark sleuthing skillz yet?


The thing that's great about staying downtown is that everything is so close to each other. You can walk from Plaza to El Cortez in less time then it takes to navigate MGM Grand.

That said, I'd probably stay in one of the less expensive renovated rooms and check out this place.

Then again, if it's awesome I'd pay the extra $30/night.

Just please do it right.

There's a reason the Plaza is so cheap.  They half-assed it.  Looks cool.  Having a sportsbook you can walk right into from the street is genius. Stardust did that, and it was great.  Downtown needs a casino that emphasizes it's sportsbook.


No luck with any sleuthing outside of that facebook response from Fifth Street Gaming.  The two words make me think "Hotel Casino", but who really knows.  It's still interesting.  I wonder if it's a newer rendering or an older rendering.  The ambiguous response from Fifth Street makes me think that it's newer.


Those were the words I was leaning towards as well. It might be interesting to note, and I almost mentioned this in the post, that they were fishing for more money in China recently. See here.


I noticed also on fifthstreetgaming.com that they had a Vegas promotional video, and towards the end when they get to the Downtown Grand, they show some shots of a players club card called the Chairman's Club with Chinese lettering all over it and a picture of a dragon... Found that very interesting...  Check it out: http://www.fifthstreetgaming.com/promotional-videos/