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NYC Marathoners Welcome To Run Vegas 4 Less

November 5, 2012 at 2:06 PM | by | ()

In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, the New York City ING marathon was initially still on then, with just 36 hours to go, it was off. Some stranded runners completed informal miles in the name of fundraising while others gave back by volunteering their time and having to pace a five-minute mile.

Regardless if registered marathoners ran, volunteered, or never made it to NYC, the folks behind the Rock N' Roll Las Vegas Marathon are giving those runners an opportunity to put their training to use. In a good PR will offer, Rock N' Roll organizers of the December 2 race are offering NYC marathoners a 20% discount toward their Vegas registration. And, they'll donate that 20% to Hurricane Sandy Relief. See? It is a gesture of goodwill, after all.

The 20% discount offer is also valid for the San Antonio marathon and half marathon November 11, but don't we all agree that Vegas is the better cure for moving past Sandy? And, while we aren't suggesting improper use of the offer, we do wonder if organizers are going to cross check new registrants requesting the discount against the NYC list of runners.

Before applying the discount, the Vegas marathon fee is $185 while the half marathon is $175. Registration can be completed online through November 25. Use code BIGAPPLE to claim the 20% price drop.

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