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Hangover 3 Still Hanging Around Vegas

November 7, 2012 at 4:54 PM | by | ()

Zach, Justin and.... dude. Duuuude. Is that who we think it is?

After stalking Hangover 3 last week from the desert and downtown to The Strip and the sky, we thought the wolfpack had packed it in for Hollywood. We were wrong.

The best friends that anyone could have are still hanging around Vegas and, after missing them by thismuch last week, let's just say that we're very happy right now. VERY.

We can't spill details right now 'cause you know the studio guys want us to keep it on the DL (we're tight like that now), but follow the tweets below for more reveals as to just what you'll see on the big screen when the movie makes its debut in May 2013.

And, the Plaza hints on Facebook that it's in on the action, too:

So, how long will H3 hang out in Vegas? We're not sure. If you are, drop us deets in the comments below or via email at tips@vegaschatter.com.

(PHOTOS: The Hangover on Facebook, Lockerz.com)

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