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Electric Daisy Carnival Early Bird Tickets Sell Out, Dance Fans Freak Out

November 7, 2012 at 7:15 PM | by | ()

All psyched about snagging those early bird tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival? Uh-oh, they sold out in under an hour. The annual electronic dance fest was set to sell a block of 30,000 tickets starting at noon PST today.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their annoyance over the wheel-spinning, online processing of tickets which caused many to miss out on the deal. Facebook comments showed fans lamenting being caught in a purchase-pause lasting almost an hour.

EDC honcho and future father to Holly Madison's child, Pasquale Rotella, took time out from, oh, perhaps attending a Lamaze class, to personally respond to angry tweeters. His perspective was it made no sense for haters to get all mad at him for being nice enough to offer early tickets to an obviously rabid consumer base. He might have a point, albeit delivered in an inelegant fashion. It's also great marketing for the event, albeit very frustrating for those who clicked too late.

Dance music fans have a long way to go before achieving the apocalyptic nerd-rage meltdowns of denied ticket buyers for the San Diego Comic Con, but we've already witnessed the mellow type of EDC attendee who quietly chilled when faced with scary, life-threatening winds and were forced into the Las Vegas Speedway stands earlier this summer.

We documented our Electic Daisy experience for you here. If you have the slightest interest in attending, it's well worth the effort. Even if that means maniacally hitting the refresh button on the ticket purchase page. You'll have another chance to buy from the pool of remaining tickets on January 9.

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