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Peep Into Holly's Post Peepshow World

November 9, 2012 at 2:03 PM | by | ()

If we could be any kind of fruit, any kind at all, we'd be a pineapple.

Just because Holly Madison has hung up the crook doesn't mean we can forget can't follow her. She may be keeping the bobbles under wraps these days, but that hasn't stopped her from showing off a little pineapple.

It seems the former Bo Peep/reality star not once but twice turned author turned rag mag model turned infomercial/diet pill hawker turned pet accessories designer turned baby mama is turning back to the pen.. err... typerwriter... ummm... keyboard. It's okay, Holly, we still wanna be a Toys R' Us kid, too.

Is that Adam Carolla peeping through the bush?

The preggo Mads has been blogging it up a lot at CeleBuzz!. How much is a lot? The blonde mama-to-be posted four times yesterday and thrice the day prior. That's almost as much as VegasChatter's daily output and she's a publishing house of one.

So what's been on her mind when she be bloggin'? Her and baby daddy have been at Walt Disney World which means readers can relive a WDW meal, the couple's Animal Kingdom adventures (pictured above -- crazy!), another WDW dinner, or WDW fireworks with a side of food. Completely totally unrelated random thought of the day: are diet pills safe for pregnant women?

Talk isn't all about Disney, though. Madison offers her thoughts on maternity dresses and asks for fashion advice post the six-month mark. She even provides a picture of her favorite new maternity dress... that she modeled wearing at Disneyland. Serious note for a moment: is it just us or does she look amazing and dare we say younger nearing her due date? Maybe it's the milky white librarian stockings. What's that term? Milk? Milp? Mild? Strange, but we're sure it'll come to us.

Comments on her blog are wide open and filtered overwhelming positive and supportive from what we saw. So, if you miss Miss Madison like we do wander on over to Celebuzz! to find out what she eats next. Followed by every detail of her birth and new mom experiences if we were to hazard a guess.

[Photos: Celebuzz!]

Archived Comments:


Are those compression stockings ( I only know them as my gammy wears them at the nursing home) or are they nurses stockings? Either way...ughhhh.
Holly is the new Snookie.


Ah yes, nurse stockings not librarian.  Had my stock(ing) images confused.

I don't know what compression stockings are - is that like spanks for the calves?


Not even. Compression stockings control swelling in the legs. I guess it would make sense if Holly is preggers and having such problems, but it's not a good look for anyone. Even gammy doesn't like that look.

The Look

Maybe she'll design her own line of compression stox next...