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Guns N' Roses Inspire Exhibits, Apologies And The Culinary Dropout Menu

November 9, 2012 at 6:23 PM | by | ()

Hard Rock's hard rockin' residents Guns N' Roses recently caused a flap by reviving a 25-year-old controversial painting to promote their series of 11 gigs at The Joint.

When the robot rape scene artwork (yes, you read that right) was initially used on the cover of their 1987 debut album, "Appetite for Destruction," it was swiftly moved inside the LP jacket after some record stores refused to stock it. (Yeah, those round, black plastic things for our younger readers.) When the Las Vegas City Council saw the art was being used in promotions for these "Appetite for Democracy" concerts, they were none too happy. They'd recently permitted Paradise Road to be renamed Paradise City Road. (On account of the song. You know the one.)

So, the art has been replaced with an apology and we noticed, at the Hard Rock, you'll never realize it is missing. We also discovered the resort is nicely (and not overpoweringly) celebrating the concerts inside.

Over by the main entrance, you'll find Axl's personally tricked-out 1955 Chevy Bel Air and displays of his stage clobber.

There's a special tour exhibit located by the entrance to The Joint, including hand-written explanations of their significance by the band.

And, we checked out the gift shop, hunting for a lone, forgotten T-shirt featuring the banned artwork. (You know, for eBay. They sell for over $100.) They've all gone and the current models have a more sedate look.

The big news for us, as huge Culinary Dropout fans, was discovering their special concert-night-only deal. $25 gets you a starter, an entree and a mystery beer in a bag. And, the dishes are all riffs on GnR songs. (Special hint, the secret beer in the bag just might be PBR.)

It's worth going to the Hard Rock just to go to Culinary Dropout. (Its fire pits are lit on the patio these days.) Talking with the wonderful staff, they've surveyed guests and employees at the resort and everyone is very happy the way the residency is working out. We think reports of Guns N' Roses performing for three hours a night indicates a deep willingness by the band to give their fans a true value for money. And, we were the first to think Axl would would flake out and cancel these concert. Sorry, Mr. Rose.

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