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Aria Introduces Multi Action Poker

Where: 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89158
December 10, 2012 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

Last week, Aria introduced a new type of live poker game called Multi Action Poker. Multi Strike video poker has been around for a little while now (don't confuse the two like we did), but Multi Action Poker is different, allowing you to play two games of at once.

Poker can be a slow-moving game and this will allow players to have more action, even if it's a little confusing at first. Here is how the game is played according to Poker News Daily:

At first glance, the table layout looks very confusing, but as odd as the concept is, it actually makes sense. There are two dealers sitting across the table from each other, each taking care of a separate hand. Everyone, dealers and players included, will be able to differentiate between the two hands based on the colors of the front and backs of the cards. At each player’s seat, there are two spaces, one marked with a blue circle and one with a red circle, on which separate chip stacks will be placed. A small wooden divider sits in between the spaces to help keep the chip stacks from intermingling. The two flops will be laid out on corresponding blue and red diamonds in the center of the table.

At first the game seems as if it will be confusing, but game play is the same as regular poker so once you get past the chaos it seems like the game would be simple enough to play. Even though the pace of casino poker may be slow, there is an inherited strategy involved with playing one game at a time. Playing multiple games online not only increases the pace of play, but it allows the player more opportunities to make money. We're just not sure how that will translate to the casino.

[PHOTO: Aria Poker Room on Foursquare]

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