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Is It Just Us Or Is $5 Bucks Crazy For Soda On The Strip?

December 10, 2012 at 3:40 PM | by | ()

Before you judge us, we know. Dining just about anywhere on The Strip can be expensive. Usually, we don't bat an eye when presented with a bill for our meal. But, after snacking recently at the newly opened Rattlecan inside Venetian, we literally gasped when we saw how much our glass of soda cost -- $5 bucks. And, then immediately reached for our cup to drain it dry.

Now, maybe this pricing isn't that new to you in your travels up and down The Strip. And, maybe, we haven't paid close enough attention in the past. But, it was quite the sticker shock to this Chatter'er. Especially, when our side of sweet potato fries only cost a buck more. And, when we noticed that a lot of Rattlecan's pickle'd appetizers were less than our Pepsi (many running around $4) and that it's basic burger was only $4 dollars more. (And, side rant, we actually prefer Coke.)

Since this visit, we've only dined at one other Strip restaurant, Public House at Luxor. We purposely ordered the Pepsi to see how much it would run us there. The bill showed a charge of $3.75. And, this time, we made sure to throw back a refill.

So, we want to know, has McDonald's $1 sodas spoiled us? Are we the only ones that think $5 bucks for a pop is a tough fee to swallow? Tell us what you think in the comments down below.

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Yes, $5 seems high but when I went to the no name pizza place at Cosmopolitan on Friday, they charged $4 for a Coke in a red solo cup!!

Which, of course,

Is why I never go to the Strip any more. I stay and play downtown. $5 for Soda or a bottle of water is ridiculous. But, somebody's got to pay for the show on the Strip.

That's Why The Return Visit Factor Might Suffer

You linked to some scary stats that showed a pretty nice chunk of Strip visitors (not downtown or elsewhere) have questioned whether they might return.

2013 might be tough not because of the double-dip recession or fiscal cliff or sheer ineptitude of the LVCVA. It simply might be tough because people say "screw it" and don't come back for a while.

Place your bets on downtown, folks.

Fool me once, shame on you, twice? Shame on me!

I had a similar experience this past summer.  My wife ordered a lemonade at the Sugar Factory in front of The Paris.  I noticed beverage prices weren't listed on the menu.  Then I saw why. $4 or $5 for what could not have been even 6 ounces of lemonade.  Beverage prices in restaurants are becoming more ludicrous daily.  Go into a CPK or a Cheesecake Factory and a beverage from a fountain is well over $2.  It is a ridiculous mark up.  The strip locations push it to the extreme.  I saw someone get a 12oz bottle of  Fuji water at the Venetian last weekend for $5!  

I got taken once, not again.  If it is on my dime, I play & stay downtown or off the strip.    

Same here: Don't eat/drink on the strip

This is one of the reasons I eat and drink off the strip as often as possible. I do activities and shows on the strip but try to have everything else done before and after.

You don't get what you pay for...

Those beverages are pure profit from the get go.  They shouldn't be more than a dollar.