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Checking Out Blue Man Group's New Show At Monte Carlo

Where: 3770 Las Vegas Blvd S [map], 89109
December 11, 2012 at 4:32 PM | by | ()

About ten years ago, this Chatter'er fondly remembers pulling up in front of the Briar Street Theatre in Chicago. We had received two tickets to see Blue Man Group for our birthday and we couldn’t have been more excited. We walked out of that show laughing like a little kid. Fast forward a decade or so and we were offered an opportunity to see the show again, here in Las Vegas.

Blue Man Group is entering a new residency at Monte Carlo after successful runs at Luxor and Venetian. The same gags are here. Crazy musical instruments made out of tubes, paint drumming, and the familiar, although still hilarious, marshmallow toss. The show has recently been upgraded, but even its old jokes still stand up over time.

The show starts with an awesome parade through the casino, composed of crazy light up devices and the talented musicians that keep the show energetic. It's so good, we've already dubbed it one of the best free attractions in town.

As for the show that takes place in the theater, there are too many fun surprises to write about them here. We can tell you, though, that the end of the show had us out of our seats and laughing just like little kids again. The show’s website says that Blue Man Group offers a “primaltronically phosphorpedic, biomechani-morphically audiorrific, technodelically tribalicious, cyborganic, and just freakin' cool experience."

This writer can’t disagree. Tune in, zone out, and lose yourself in a family friendly experience unlike anything else in town.

Side note: These things freaked us out.

Blue Man Group runs nightly at the Monte Carlo. Tickets start at $64.90. Purchase them here.

Editor's Note: VegasChatter attended BMG as part of a media invite, but our opinions, as you know, always remain our own.

(PHOTOS: BMG Theater on Foursquare at top, all others are VegasChatter)

Archived Comments:

This 'new' Show has...BALLS!

I've followed BLUE MAN GROUP through all their residency showrooms...I've always liked their Shows and this new one is no different...I had lots of fun.

The Pre-Show light parade really gets your attention as it enters the casino from the double doors in between the main cage and the players club desk...then winds through the casino up to Registration and back again, ending up in front of the showroom doors for a little 'battle of the drums' before show time.
(aprox. 45min. before showtime)

Lots of surprises, many of your ol' favorite gags, and some fresh new experiences to think about.

I always choose a seat just behind the 'poncho section'.
It's a great view however next time (and there will be...) I'm sitting further back/centerish to more enjoy the over all visual that this new version offers.

Up close or further back, you'll once again experience all the fun that a BLUE MAN GROUP Show presents for us. They really show their balls in this one!