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Did Ice Tweet Coco's Peepshow Salary?

December 11, 2012 at 8:43 PM | by | ()

Over the weekend, Coco learned that the whole 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' thing is one big lie. She was put on blast for taking some snuggly pics with a rapper in Vegas who wasn't husband Ice T.

Ice found out, checked her on Twitter, then later deleted his tweets. Coco heard about the uproar and put out a few tweets of her own, including an apology:

Since then, a lot of peeps have been tweeting both stars, either in support or scorn. And, now Ice has had enough. After hanging with Coco yesterday on the set of Law & Order: SVU, today he tweeted followers to mind their business. Well, actually much more colorfully, but that was the bottom line. And, in doing so, he may have let us know how much Coco is making to headline Peepshow at Planet Hollywood:

My wife checks 100k a week..... Worry about your broke ho..... Not your bitch. Not your concern.

Of course, that number could include the couple's reality TV show, Ice Loves Coco, and the headliner's clothing line, Licious, and other various side projects. We'll let you weigh in, or confirm. Meantime, out of curiosity, we googled "How much does Holly Madison make in Peepshow." A question that Google has been asked a lot since it filled in most of it for us. Wiki Answers states it was $125k a year, for whatever that is worth.

Coco is back in Peepshow tonight, but will party with Ice on New Year's Eve right here in Vegas at LAX inside Luxor. No word on what the couple is making for that.

And, speaking of getting paid for NYE appearances, the rumor is that Beyonce will host a party at Wynn for a $4 mil paycheck.

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Norm! noted that Chumlee from Pawn Stars makes $25k per episode. I won't speculate on the Peepshow salary, but I'd have to think that much of the $100k per week is reality TV money with the rest coming from her other ventures.