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Slotzilla Is Moving Forward Downtown, But Flightlinez Is Standing Still

December 11, 2012 at 5:35 PM | by | ()

As promised, or threatened, we have some Slotzilla updates for you. The zipline flying experience that zips you down Fremont Street will be transformed in 2013 and we couldn't be happier. The previous, but great fun, Flightlinez attraction will soon start to give way to construction on a monster, $11 million, 120-foot tall tower that will serve as a launching pad for a 1,700-foot-long ride. An attraction that starts out a ginormous fake slot machine called Slotzilla. And, every new nugget of information we uncover makes it sound even better.

But first, for those who wish to try out the more sedate Flightlinez ride, it's still not operational. As we suspected. To get out of the way of Slotzilla, they had to dismantle the old zipline route and move it to one side. The company website first said check back on the 3rd. Then check back on the 10th. And, now, they say keep checking back for updates. Which we will. And, do.

Slotzilla, meanwhile, has been busy with news. After an official launch last month, we now know more nuts and bolts. Once you pay your money to enter Slotzilla, you have two options to fly down Fremont Street. The lower level, that's where the coins come out in the picture above, will cost you $20. You get 850 feet worth of ride, 75 feet up in the air and sitting upright in a harness. Think 50 feet further distance than Flightlinez for the same price. But, flying barely six feet above you will be the folks who have opted for the longer ride.

That upper level will create all the fuss. For $30, you will travel 1,700 feet taking you all the way down to the Golden Gate Casino. A third of a mile. Five football fields. And, you will be flying stretched out like Superman. But, there's more.

Fremont Street Experience President Jeff Victor shares in the following video his very direct involvement in the project. His bi-weekly video project called FSE live, allows Victor to share details on Fremont Street developments. Here he dishes some Slotzilla scoops:

Eight lines were added to the feature to ease congestion. From below, as a spectator, you won't be able to see the flyers at first. Then the huge slot machine handle lowers, reels will spin, the top beacon spins, the walls will drop and the people will fly out. At 38 mph.

When you are suited up to take the long ride, you won't be able to see the Golden Gate landing area off in the distance.

Flying prone actually decreases drag and helps make the journey easier. Slotzilla has issues with wire friction and the fact that Fremont slopes upwards, the wrong direction for this attraction. They fixed that in Utah, where they built an exact working version of the ride and tested it out. It works. Jeff Victor tried it. He's thrilled.

And here's a biggie. Slotzilla is so tall, it rises above the Fremont Street canopy. So a hole will be cut into it. You'll be launched at speed, fly down through this hole into Fremont Street, then travel along, just one foot under the lights. "Threading a needle" they call it. And you end up at the Golden Gate.

There's word of a combo deal of both rides for $40, if you need to build up some courage witha test run. Excited yet? You'll need to hold your breathe 'til June 2013. In the meantime, we'll keep on checking as to when Flightlinez is back up and running. And on any other Slotzilla updates.

[Rendering: Slotzilla by Contour Entertainment]

Archived Comments:

bad business

I feel sorry for FLightlinez. They came up with this concept only to get everything stolen from them. I will never ride slotzilla. This is just another way for the corupt government to steal from small businesses.

maybe not

Once people have done the original zipline (as I did) they have little interest in doing it again. I dont think theyre losing much business (especially repeats) to slotzilla. Theres a whole slew of people that wont go near slotzilla because of its height and/or intimidating presence. Once I do slotzilla I probably wont repeat it.