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Golden Nugget's Cafe Closed For Grossness

December 13, 2012 at 3:34 PM | by | ()

Good thing there's lots of options for eats in Downtown Vegas with more on the horizon (just check the right of your screen) because one just fell off the list -- Golden Nugget's 24/7 Carson Street Cafe. Not that it was actually on the list. But, it could have been added at the last minute. Maybe. But, now that ain't happening.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that city health officials closed the cafe down on Tuesday, as well as the employee dining room, "for numerous code violations including pest infestation." Pest infestation? We don't even want to know what exactly is meant by that. Ok, we actually, do want to know, but it wasn't reported. If we hear, we'll share. Right now, we're picturing some type of Hoarders situation. We knew we shouldn't have watched that marathon.

Update: The local ABC affiliate, KTNV, reports roaches and fruit flies are to blame. As in, "whole families of roaches." Gag. And, apparently, a third restaurant was closed as well, Lillie's Asian Cuisine. It shares a kitchen with Carson Street.

(PHOTO: Carson Street Cafe on Foursquare)

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Doesn't surprise me...

Although I always stay at the Nugget, this restaurant has never really impressed me. At best, it's been a "last resort" cafe, a place to munch down before calling it a night and heading to the room. The food is overpriced, and the service is short of nonexistent. One night, I went in and was one of three customers in the place. Took me 45 minutes to get a simple burger. This, plus "pest infestation?" Just expect more from the Nugget...

Never eaten there...

...never will.  Going out next year hopefully and the plan is to stay at the Nugget.  Hopefully that's the only spot that's not up to par.


Glad you quoted the report mentioning "families" of roaches. Families as in generations which means this has been a long term problem that has not been addressed. I understand they had roaches falling out of the electric panel when they opened the door. Yikes.

Interesting story

I dont have any idea about this coffee shop but this story is such interesting!


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