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There's Now A Megabus To Get You There (Or Here)

December 17, 2012 at 3:16 PM | by | ()

We'll be the first to admit that driving into Vegas from the west, while certainly beautiful and anticipatory, has its drawbacks, most of which occur on the tail end of the trip when you're battling traffic and struggling to keep your eyes open. Ever gotten a ticket on I-15? We have.

High-priced airline fares are the reason so many people drive from Los Angeles and the surrounding So Cal areas and, for a long time, there were no other option for budget travelers. Enter Megabus who welcomed the first passengers on-board its new route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas last week, kicking off what will be daily low-cost service from the City of Angels to the City of Sin. Pricing is approximately $25 or less one way which is amazing considering a cab ride from one end of The Strip to the other costs about $15 and a taxi from the airport is an average of $16 depending on the hotel.

The perks extend beyond lowering blood pressure and saving cash. Riders can utilize free WiFi to practice card counting blackjack strategies and avoid desert gas prices. There's even a daily 12:30 a.m. departure from Vegas, meaning you can party all weekend, board the bus Sunday night (Monday morning), grab a nap, and wake up in LA at 5:50 a.m. -- just in time for work!

The bus leaves LA from Union Station's Patsaouras Transit Plaza Bay and arrives in LV five to six hours later at the RTC South Strip Transfer Terminal. The bus trip takes approximately five to six hours and departs both locations about four times a day. Check here for the schedule.

(PHOTO: LA Times)

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