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Prohibition-Style Hootch Is The Bee's Knees In Vegas

December 19, 2012 at 12:51 PM | by | ()

Ever since Boardwalk Empire hit the airwaves, people can’t get enough of the Prohibition craze. Hot vintage jazz and handcrafted cocktails are gaining in popularity, and these things can be found in Las Vegas, both downtown, on The Strip and off.

We've covered downtown's Commonwealth already. It is a newcomer to the awesome Fremont East part of town. What we didn’t see before was the top secret speakeasy hidden inside the bar. Recently, that changed. This writer was sitting in the bar talking to a few pretty girls (how we roll) when the manager of the bar invited them to take a peek. We, of course, tagged along.

The backroom speakeasy is called The Laundry Room. It is a gorgeous, tiny room. We saw maybe fifteen seats in the place. The music and décor completely take you back to what you envision prohibition as. The room operates under a few rules. If you are in the room, you better have a drink in your hand. If you want to talk to a lady, you have to buy her a drink. Respect the room. To get in, you must text a secret phone number to schedule your visit. We won't tell you, but some clever hunting around their website will reveal the secret. Sorry, peeps. It ain't that easy, anymore. Our suggestion, follow the girls. And, in case you're wondering, we didn’t take any pictures in The Laundry Room. It was so cool that we felt like we would spoil the surprise. Trust us. You should check it out.

Another opportunity for some vintage-style drinking is provided by the Las Vegas Distillery. This is the only true distillery producing craft spirits in the Las Vegas valley. They produce their own original Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Rumskey (!), and MOONSHINE.

Rumskey is an original invention of the Las Vegas Distillery. From their website Rumskey is “a new unique spirit double distilled from fermented molasses and whiskey mash.” Hopping on the prohibition/classic drinking theme, LVD handcrafts their own traditional moonshine. Although harsh at first, LVD’s moonshine is smoother than the home-made hillbilly swill we have previously drank out of mason jars. It blends well and provides the opportunity for all kinds of prohibition-style cocktailing. The gin produced by LVD is also quite good, and it has a very unique botanical blend.

You can purchase products by Las Vegas Distillery at most local grocery stores, several local bars, and from their own “Half Full” distillery store located right next to the distillery at 7330 Eastgate Road, Unit 110 in Henderson, about a 20-minute drive from the Strip.

This trend is a welcome one, and it doesn't look like it is going anywhere. And, we couldn't be more excited. Cheers! See you at the bar.

(Photos: Dylan B. and Drew L. via Commonwealth on Foursquare, Las Vegas Distillery on Facebook, VegasChatter)

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