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Need To Know Info For Those With Bill's Reservations Post-Closing

December 18, 2012 at 1:58 PM | by | ()

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Bill's is shutting down the Gambling and boarding up the Saloon come this February, but guests with reservations beyond that date may need to take action to confirm just exactly where that room res will be honored.

VegasChatter reader Keith contacted to let us know he hadn't heard from Bill's regarding his post-Feb reservation:

I have/had reservations at Billís after the closing date. If I did not read Vegas news blogs like a mental patient I still would not know my hotel room was not going to be there. A lady in customer service said they knew the February closing date two months ago. BTW, they are offering the Quad as a substitute for my suite.

Luckily, VegasChatter keeps readers like Keith sane by keeping him in the know. Not hearing a peep from Bill's himself, he contacted them to learn of The Quad replacement offer.

We reached out to a Caesars rep to find out just what the deal is on notifying guests like Keith. The answer we got was that guests with post February 4 reservations have been contacted. Since it turns out that may not be entirely the case, Caesars provided the following information for folks in the same boat as Keith:

All guests who made reservations beyond Feb. 4, 2013 will be contacted by a member of our team to assist with making an alternate reservation at Flamingo Las Vegas or another Las Vegas sister property. If you have pre-paid through a third-party or have not yet heard from an agent, please call 702.733.3386. This line will direct you to a dedicated voicemail box created specifically for guests who had reserved future dates at Billís Gambliní Hall & Saloon. The voicemail box is monitored 24-hours a day and a team member will be in touch with you shortly to assist you with your arrangements.

Keith didn't indicate if he booked through a third party or not like 99% of mental patients do.

Do you have a reservation at Bill's beyond February? Were you contacted or did you pick up the phone after reading VegasChatter? What room were you offered as a replacement? Let us know!

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Archived Comments:

It took them 2 weeks to start calling

My reservation wasn't through a 3rd party, it was straight with them, and I worked harder to find out what was happening than they did to inform me.  My wife has a hotel chain as a client.  They have a property that is changing MANAGEMENT, not closing, not shutting down, just changing a management team.  They were contacting guests with reservations just to let them know there would be no disruption in service, in case people were to read about it in the media.  Caesar's did not look that far past their nose.  The same lady in customer service at Bill's as above, told me that after the announcement of the closing date, Caesars's suits were asking her how to go about generating a list of customers to contact.  They were so excited about their new toy, they forgot about the customer.  What makes my situation a bit of a problem is that it was a reservation during March Madness, a time that suites are at a premium, and finding an affordable alternative at this date, at bit more difficult.  Also, when I first heard that Bill's was being remodeled before a date was set, I called and asked if a March reservation was safe, and I was told it was.  Sorry Caesars, you have lost a customer.  Hello South Point.

Still no call

Talked to a friend of mine who also has a reservation in March.  He has not been contacted.  

yo yo?!?

did i miss something? Is Bill's perm closing or just getting a facelift for the this new linq fiasco?

@the big G

Bill's will close in February for about a year for a top-to-bottom renovation. When it reopens, it will not be Bill's anymore, but will feature a new, hopefully "Q" less name.