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Downtown Roundup: Downtown Grand Sneak, More Problems For Plaza, And More

December 18, 2012 at 4:58 PM | by | ()

Our downtown files are full to bursting again, thanks in large part to VegasChatter fan sammasseur.

First up -- Lady Luck continues with its transformation into Downtown Grand. New photos taken by sammasseur over the weekend (see above and in the photo gallery below) show first floor walls ripped down to steel frames. A reopening date in 2013 is still a vague one. The most recent references we've seen still refer to openings of either fall 2013 or by year's end.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's what this section of downtown will look like when renovations are complete:

The Las Vegas Business Press states that Fifth Street Gaming will pump more than $100 mil into Downtown Grand to give it new rooms, shops, dining as well as a pool and spa.

Fifth Street Gaming's Seth Schorr created a YouTube video recently to tell folks about The Commissary at Downtown Grand, a 'high end food market' which will offer Vegas' second third I Heart Burger and second Daily Kitchen locations as well as a dumpling concept:

We've already told you about plans to bring a Rachel's Kitchen to downtown Vegas, now here's a better idea of where you'll find it. Here it is on the bottom floor of The Ogden high rise, located on Las Vegas Boulevard just north of Fremont.

Look for it to open in late January.

Back on Fremont Street, sammasseur reports that Flightlinez was up and running again this weekend, after having to move a bit to make way for Slotzilla. Here's an image of the new setup in front of Walgreens:

If you've been meaning to check out the world's largest collection of sneaks at ShoeZeum inside Neonopolis, you procrastinated too long.

The space is now shoeless. A check of its Facebook page seems to indicate that the space has been shuttered for several weeks now. Rumor has it that Banger Brewing will move into the storefront next.

Another suddenly vacant space can be found in the Plaza's showroom. The Las Vegas Weekly says most of the hotel's productions have been "halted through at least January 15." That includes "Bite,” “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and “Grand Ole Vegas Revue.” Management problems and a split with Anthony Cools, who provided oversight for the venue, are being blamed. Expect Cools' salon, filled with lingerie clad stylists, to cut ties with the Plaza next year, according to the report. His casino bar shuttered at Plaza last month.

We'll end things on a happier note. There's another new bar on Fremont Street. This one can be found both inside and outside of the Four Queens. Just over a week old, the bar is on the corner of the hotel closest to the D. See a photo below and find more on the casino's Facebook page.

(PHOTOS: sammasseur, Four Queens on Facebook, Fifth Street Gaming)

Archived Comments:

Funny Plaza and Grand in one Story

The Grand will spell the end of the Plaza as it is currently run.  Hopefully someone who knows how to run a hotel will take it over.

Downtown Grand

I am stupid excited about Downtown Grand.  I cannot wait.


Poking around their Facebook page, I found this:

13 years of collecting, 2,500 pairs - Your's for US $1,000,000.00 / £619,848.00 - ShoeZeum hit's Ebay

A while back we briefly looked at Jordan Geller's, "ShoeZeum" after coming across the guided tour on Youtube. The epic collection according to the 2013 Guiness Book Of World Records is the largest in the world and now up for sale on Ebay:

<a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/380478421833">http://www.ebay.com/itm/380478421833</a>

With 13 years of collecting and  2 years to amass the props, the collection is organised into 23 themed exhibits and consits of 2,500 pairs of brand new trainers. Thankfully for the fellow collector the majority of pairs are still with original boxes displayed with relevant props to tell the story of the history of specicifc styles.


Don't know what the occupancy is like at the Plaza, but I do know the whole place lacks "energy". Maybe it's time to do something really great with the property that is now occupied by the Plaza.


On my last trip through the Plaza, I saw a dealer napping on her feet if that says anything about the lack of energy.  Luckily the table was empty.

Resort Fee @ Plaza

I was comped 3 nights at the Queens in Jan for a VP Tournament but had to add a few more days for a better airfare...

For one of those nights I booked a day in the Plaza as I have never stayed there and got a added 10 buck resort fee...?

They do have a new member Player Club Promo which I will do which will more than pay for the night however.

Editors, thanks for all the news on downtown as it has been my favorite place for many years.