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SW Steakhouse Still One Of Our Faves

December 18, 2012 at 5:57 PM | by | ()

We've said before that SW Steakhouse at Wynn is one of our favorite steakhouses in Las Vegas. With all the steakhouses opening over the past couple years, its been a while since our last visit. That had to change and we're glad it did. Las Vegas tends to have less traffic after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day, but SW was packed last Saturday. There was not an open seat in the house. Thankfully, we made our reservation well in advance.

The crowded restaurant had no effect on our party as we were seated in a private dining room. Much like our last visit to SW Steakhouse, the service was fantastic rivaled only by the great service at Delmonico Steakhouse. A waitstaff that works as a team seems to make every dining experience better since the service is more efficient. All of this was topped by an amazing meal.

Dinner started with delicious fresh bread baked on premises. Yes, we were a little giddy over bacon and cheese rolls. The real meal started with a variety of salads, soups and lobster. Everything was great and this was one of the best Caesar salads this writer has ever had. It's not easy to make something so simple so good and different.

The star of dinner was a New York Strip steak. It was cooked perfectly medium and gently seasoned with salt and pepper. The flavor of the beef stood out more than the seasoning which doesn't always happen. We're paying over $50 for the steak, not the salt and pepper. If there was a negative to the steak it was that it wasn't piping hot. This was probably due to the large crowd in the restaurant. Still, the steak was great.

Sides of asparagus, cream spinach, broccoli and potatoes au gratin were all very good, but nothing stood out as being above the others.

Steakhouses and dining trends come and go, but SW Steakhouse remains one of our favorite steakhouses in Las Vegas. It's difficult to match the level of service and quality of food at SW Steak.

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Best Side Ever

The creamed corn with black truffles is the best side anywhere.  My wife and I go back to SW just for that....and the bacon cheese rolls


Thanks for the tip on the creamed corn, I'll have to remember that for next time!