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Excalibur and Luxor: Locals Casinos?

December 19, 2012 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

Mention the words locals casino and natives think Station Casinos, Boyd (Suncoast, Orleans, Gold Coast), M Resort...and Excalibur? According to a couple marketing emails that landed in our inbox titled "Your Room is Less Than a Cab Ride!," execs at MGM Resorts would like to locals to consider both Excalibur and Luxor as their home away from home.

The latest taglines aimed at locals from both properties is: "Stay to Play or Cab It and Pay". The marketing pitch tries to prove it's subject line claim by listing the average cab fares from Summerlin, Henderson, and North Las Vegas (areas where the locals not named Louie Anderson live).

Our favorite video blackjack dealer enjoys skee-ball on her breaks.

The Excalibur asks us to 'Connect With The Castle' while the Luxor begs to 'Get Your Lux On!, both advertising their social media links and ability to sign-up for text offers. But let's avoid taking that off-ramp and take a step back.

Are Excalibur and Luxor poised to become the next locals casinos? They're positioned at (or near, in the case of Luxor) the corner of the Strip and Tropicana, an intersection close to an I-15 exit. Because of that, it's also one of the exits and intersections we try to avoid at peak hours. There are some new eats and shopping bargains to be had, even some nice bodies to score with.

Sigma Derby...with taxis?

But locals casinos? If we're driving "all the way to the Strip" these probably aren't among our top go-tos within the MGM family, let alone others. Sorry Excal and Luxor, we love ya long time but we get around. And with fares like that, we certainly aren't hailing a cab to the Strip outside an emergency.

And about that claim of rooms less than a cab ride? Unless there's a locals get out of jail resort fee free card we aren't aware of, the marketing department conveniently forgot to factor in an additional $15 per night for Exalibur stays and $18 at the 'Lux'. That means the Summerlin suburbanites are the only ones "making out" in that deal. If they jump at it, that is.

In the end, we'll always take a look at an offer for a room rate deal, factor in the resort fee if applicable and take the family truckster over taxi. But as far as locals casinos go, unless the de-theming includes digging up the joints and moving them across from Red Rock, Excalibur and Luxor aren't going to be lumped into our locals circuit anytime soon. Or any other Strip casino north of South Point, for that matter. See, we said it wasn't personal.

Archived Comments:

Crash Pads

I'm all about a cheap crash pad on the strip or downtown after a night of boozing but I won't spend money on a resort fee.


agreed with ecg.  Resort fees are for suckers.


I will NEVER stay anywhere with a mandatory Resort Fee

If They Were Smart...

I don't think they are particularly trying to market themselves as a locals casino to hang out at for the night (not that they would turn away the business), but the reality is that if you stay at either property, you are more likely to hang out around that end of The Strip. Which they (for the most part) own and control.

If you have to park at Luxor, you'll be less likely to end up center strip (unless you start cabbing it around).

But yes... if they were smart, they would advertise "No Resort Fee For Nevada Residents".