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Don't Call It IP, It's Been Quad For Hours

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
December 19, 2012 at 4:34 PM | by | ()

The name is gone off the building, on social media, and from the Internet (just try opening imperialpalace.com). And, now, Caesars Entertainment wants everyone else to follow suit.

A press release issued earlier today reminds us all that the name Imperial Palace will officially slip into Vegas past this Friday, December 21 and encourages us to "utilize the property's new name going forward." Meaning, it's The Quad now, b*tch.

The building itself is mid-metamorphosis, and won't be full-on Quad until late 2013. Reps report that the Quad's redesigned porte cochere, though, will come online next week and "is expected to greatly improve congestion along pedestrian walkways as well as vehicle access to the casino." Inside, work still continues on renovations to the "front desk, bell desk, hotel lobby, casino floor, retail promenade and dining levels." As for the rooms, well, there's a reason they'll remain among the cheapest on The Strip.

For chip collectors out there, we heard last night that there are still IP chips for sale at the cage. We're not sure if that's still the case right now, but if you want to snag one, you'd better hurry down now.

If you have some that you want to cash in, Pulse of Vegas blog says you have until April 21, 2013 to do so. Click here to see what the Quad chips look like.

(PHOTO: caesars.com/thelinq, VegasChatter)

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Not even a redirect? Wow.

they cant

Boyd owns the name. Caesars loses all naming rights at midnight friday.


That blue roofline, stained carpets and slow elevators still say I.P.


if it is The Quad how come when i went there at 10am this morning the sign still said... "Imperial Palace Parking"

End of an Error....

Farewell Lurv Tub, Dealertainers, sticky carpets and bars with lots of girls in short skirts and push-up bras checking their cell phones the whole time, sob, sob.... :o)


dealertainers arent going anywhere.

better stay

dealertainers better not go... I love me Michael Jackson! They better keep those 5buck BJ tables too!