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CeeLo Green Going All in With That Liberace, Err, Loberace Thing

December 19, 2012 at 7:57 PM | by | ()

It's beginning to look a lot like Liberace. Seems that Planet Hollywood didn't take heed to our screed in backing off on a CeeLo residency. The publicity machine has started to kick in and now some authentic Liberace iconography has been brought into the mix.

Back in October, we witnessed CeeLo Green taping his "CeeLo & Friends" holiday special. We were less than enthusiastic about the whole production. We actually, really, didn't like it. At all. And, we've heard similar emotions from a few other people in the subsequent weeks. Nevertheless, we wondered how a final product would turn out.

From our vantage point, we knew it would take some skillful post-production to fix a number of problems with the show. And, with crowd overdubs, clever cutaways and insertion of aerial shots to transition between songs, they've managed to mask a number of issues we chronicled at exhausting length. So, if you'd like to see the best parts of the show, YouTube is hosting five songs. And, you can now see for yourself that "robot-hatted percussionist doing a fake Daft Punk thing" we mentioned. Good to know we didn't imagine that. (Fun tip. Watch the audience. Not everyone looks happy or is applauding. Thanks goodness for applause overdubs.)

So, that's the stage that will be hosting Loberace, CeeLo's Vegas-themed music residency that will somehow feature a thematic homage to Liberace.

And, we've discovered that CeeLo and other friends are starting to ramp up the hype for his 2013 residence. New advertising has inserted a flaming piano into the visuals. We felt previous promotions lacked a tangible reference to Li, so good for them for squaring the circle. There's also a promotional video playing on the screens outside Planet Hollywood but, unfortunately, we couldn't find a version of it online. They should, it's a good promo. Once this holiday season is over expect the CeeLo machine to kick into overdrive.

And, just to see how things are going, we looked into available tickets. There are still some for sale on opening night on February 27, including seats for VIP meet and greet packages. They cost, and this shocked us, $548.90 per person. You'll really be embracing the spirit of Liberace excess with that deal.

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