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Buffet of Buffets Hikes Prices, Again

December 19, 2012 at 9:36 PM | by | ()

It was a good run while it lasted. Just when we were about to update our 'it's been xx days since the last Buffet of Buffets price hike' tally, we find ourselves back at zero. That's right. Pricing for Caesars Entertainment's buffet-o-rama have increased. Again.

News of the hike is hitting Vegas message boards and a visit to the Buffet of Buffets page confirms it. What was once a $44.99 fee for the feastacular of feasts is now $47.99. And, that's if you flash your Total Rewards card. Surprisingly, the price for non-members, $49.99, stays the same. Meaning loyalty will only save you two bucks.

But, wait, there's more!

Now, there is also a weekend upcharge as well. If you want a Buffet of Buffets pass between 11 a.m. Friday and 11 a.m. Sunday, you'll need to fork over $52.99 for TR members and $54.99 for non-members. And, then, there's the previously reported upgrade fees of $15 if you want to nosh at Rio's Seafood Buffet or at Caesars' Bacchanal. Or, the extra $15 diners can pay for an express pass.

By our records, this is the fourth price hike for the Buffet of Buffets. Back when we were a few pants sizes slimmer, the buffet extravaganza cost just $29.99, whether you were a players club member or not. If you've never purchased one before, a Buffet of Buffets wristband allows the wearer to eat at almost any Caesars Entertainment buffet (except as noted by the upgrade charges), as much as they want, within a 24-hour period.

Archived Comments:

So screw you Rewards members

Wow!!!  $2 savings for Rewards members.  Where do I sign up???

Badge of Shame

At $30 it was worth buying "just in case you might use it again that day"....but at $55 it's just for the career glutton or someone who wants to beat anorexia.


This is SO not happening. I hope they go bust. Rotten chinese shrimp! Oysters so old they stick to the shell? Chainsaw required to cut the meat?


Maybe one breakfast or dinner while we are there, but the food and the price is not good enough to keep us coming back.

Oh, well. You don't miss what you never had.

Despite our many visits we've never got around to trying a Caesars buffet and were thinking that we would in Feb. No way, no how at this price. Way to alienate your audience.