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Inside A Resort Suite At Encore

December 20, 2012 at 7:07 PM | by | ()

It's been a while since this writer has stayed at one of the luxury hotels in Vegas so please excuse us if we're a little giddy. Our Resort Suite (which is the standard room) at Encore was among the best basic hotel rooms we've had in Las Vegas.

Walking into the room, it didn't seem as if the Resort Suite was all that large; but, at 745 square feet, it's larger than the suites at The Palazzo or Venetian (by 25 square feet). The suite is broken into three sections that are all similar in size. The bathroom may actually be a little larger than both the sleeping area and living room/work area.

The rooms are a beautiful, modern contemporary design with just about any feature you'd want and expect from a five star resort. Some special features include bedside light and curtain controls, two robes, an iHome and the best looking rotating HDTV we've seen.

The TV signal is as clear as any we've seen in a hotel and rotates between the living room and bedroom through a half wall separation. (If the TVs in our Cosmopolitan Terrace Suite were closer they would rival in quality of picture). This was one of many features that made us very comfortable. Enough that we sat and listened to Steve Wynn tours for an hour or so while we worked.

As a property, Encore feels like an annex of Wynn the way same way Palazzo feels like an annex of Venetian. We like that semi-secluded feeling until 3 a.m. when there aren't any places to get a meal before bed without walking to Wynn. This isn't a big deal, but it's nice to know that.  The price point for a Resort Suite at Encore is similar to those at Palazzo and Cosmopolitan and, while both have great rooms, this may be this writer's new favorite.

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Your Job

You have the coolest job I think.  I envy you!

Review is date/time stamped

Rare to be able to tell when the review was done. This one is fresh, with the pictures taken around 3:00pm on Saturday 12/15/12. This is one of the few places I haven't stayed and the review moved it up the priority list. Thanks!

Encore - I'll second that!

I like Encore for pretty much the same reasons, it's upmarket without being pretentious and they continually refurbish so it doesn't get a 'tired' feel to it.

I agree with your annex comment, I guess it's quieter because a lot of 'casino viewers' miss the walkway from Wynn to Encore...works for me!

Negatives: For some reason my iPhone never works in the iHome unless I use the Aux lead and the coffee at the Encore Lobby Bar is mediocre (and it's the only coffee shop).


I tried not to gush too much but my stay here was phenomenal. I forgot to mention that the bed was the most comfortable I've ever slept in.

Polarbear36 - I was there on Thursday but it was dark and raining most of the time until Saturday. I waited for the sun.

Lord Lucan - My iPhone didn't fit because I had a case on and was too lazy to remove it. :) There's an outlet on the table lamps to plug in, which was awesome.